Does this Lovebird belong to you?

This Lovebird was spotted in Margate today

Does this beautiful bird belong to you?

It was spotted by Margate resident Cheryl Seaman when it landed on her home in All Saints Avenue today (April 8). Cheryl says her research indicates it is a yellow Lovebird.

The bird was also spotted near Margate railway station this afternoon by resident Jordan Swaby.

Lovebirds are one of the smaller parrot species and are known to be inquisitive. They are named due to strong pair bonds. Lovebirds range in size from just over 5 inches to just over 6½ inches.



  1. The person should have took it indoors, it looks scared out in the open wide world it is not accustomed to and will perish if not caught because other birds will attack it.

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