Chatham and Clarendon Grammar staff produce visors for NHS staff – and now need your help

The visors

Industrious staff at Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School in Ramsgate have set up a production line to create visors for NHS staff – but now need more materials.

Today (April 2)  the school’s Design Technology staff -Adam Taylor, Tom Brewin, and Ben Kelly -set up the line and manufactured 84 visors for front line staff at QEQM Hospital in Margate and an isle GP.

The production line is at the school’s Red House DT department. Mr Taylor has been working with QEQM staff to finalise a design.

School spokesman Craig Lowis said: “Early this morning we had the green light to start making. This afternoon 82 of today’s manufactured masks were delivered to QEQM, with the other two going to a local doctor’s practice.

“We are really keen to keep making these, as nursing, surgery, and anaesthetic care are desperate for this personal protection equipment (PPE).  Yesterday we exhausted all of our stock of necessary materials to make the face shields.

“If anybody has any contacts within manufacturing companies that may be able to help with a supply of these materials please please ask, or let us know and I’ll check.”

 The materials used were:

1.5/2mm HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene Sheet)

0.5/0.75mm Clear PVC (Each shield is approximately 260x260mm)

Cable Ties

EMAIL [email protected] if you can help


  1. To Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School’s Design and Technology staff (Adam Taylor , Tom Brewin , Ben Kelly .
    “Three Cheers plus Three Bravos to you gentlemen”
    Peter Denton.

  2. Amazing work guys. My brother is head of DT at a school in London. I’m going to forward the article and fingers crossed he’ll get inspired to pop into work and do the same!

  3. Shows there is humanity these dark times.

    Disgusting government are useless!! 🙁


  4. This situation would never had happened if we did not sign up to the common market in the 70s industries have disappeared under EU rules where we have to buy everything from them and I wish in these dark times some correspondents would stop trying to score political points I hope they don’t get this viris it’s not election time.

  5. Marva reeves it was labour under Tony Blair fact that started bringing private into the NHS it’s the clinical commissioners that have brought in cuts the trust’s are to blame as well.

    • It was this Tory government (see my previous post) that rejected a request from the NHS for a stockpile of PPE. The government rejected the request for “financial reasons”. Nothing to do with Europe.
      If the government had taken heed of the NHS, then our doctors and nurses, working on the front line, would not be depending on bits of home made kit.
      Which Party was it that cheered and jeered when in 2017 a Bill to increase nurses’ pay was turned down? (Hint, it was the Tories. Both our local MPs Craig Mackinlay and Sir RodgerOak voted against the pay rise)

    • Bryan Smyth-Stuart- Tony Blair was practically a Tory, unfortunately. Why didn’t the Tories restore the NHS to public management when they gained power? PPI has been a disaster and should be stopped.

    • Talking about politics does not equal point-scoring. It’s clear that the Tory government won’t support the NHS until it absolutely has to.

    • Too right.Point scoring is a sad indictment of our politics
      and should be erased particularly when it usurps something good

  6. STOP WITH THE POLITICS. You can twist it left right or where the sun dont shine.
    Lets get them what they need to continue their fantastic work. Well done.

  7. Many of us are using these visors for patient care at the QEQM right now. Thank you so much for all your efforts. We are very grateful.

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