Police called to group disturbance at Margate property

Kent Police stock image (@kentpolicethan)

Police were called to a disturbance among a large group of people at a house in Margate last night (March 31).

Officers were called to William Avenue at 8.30pm. It is understood there were some 15 people at the property.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at 8.30pm to a report of a disturbance in William Avenue, Margate.

“Officers attended and a group of people were reminded of their personal responsibilities in relation to the Government’s instructions around social distancing and dispersed.”

Police were given extra powers from March 26 to enforce strict new curbs on public life in the bid to slow down the spread of coronavirus.

The government made new public health regulations strengthening the police enforcement powers in England to ensure people stay at home and avoid non-essential travel.

If members of the public do not comply the police may:

  • instruct them to go home, leave an area or disperse
  • ensure parents are taking necessary steps to stop their children breaking these rules
  • issue a fixed penalty notice of £60, which will be lowered to £30 if paid within 14 days
  • issue a fixed penalty notice of £120 for second time offenders, doubling on each further repeat offence

Those who do not pay a fixed penalty notice under the regulations could be taken to court, with magistrates able to impose unlimited fines.

If an individual continues to refuse to comply, they will be acting unlawfully, and the police may arrest them.

Only go out if you are:

  • shopping for basic necessities, as infrequently as possible
  • one form of exercise a day – for example, a run, walk or cycle – alone or with members of their household
  • any medical need, to provide care or to help a vulnerable person
  • travelling to and from work, but only where they cannot work from home

Participating in gatherings of more than two people in public spaces is also not permitted except in very limited circumstances, for example, where it is for essential work purposes.


  1. Strict new rules that are not being taken seriously by Matthew scott and his chief Constable of Kent. Advice is not strong enough considering this is a global pandemic. Their lax attitude is not helping the situations as people will not think it is important to stay home and help stop the virus spreading to others. The fools gathering outside will pass it to others at home then they will go back out and spread it to many more. When will people get serious about this pandemic killing hundreds of people, young and old, everyday at present? If the Chief is not serious then his officers won’t be either. Madness!

    • I don’t think anyone should blame the police for the actions of very thick uneducated people who I doubt even know how to turn a television on let-alone watch the national news about what the rules are on self isolation.

  2. Kent Residents…
    The Chief Constable and the Crime Commissioner are doing good work, as are all the officers and staff in the County…..
    Armchair critics can say what they wish, but try walking a mile in their shoes…
    Until you try that, I suggest you think a bit harder …
    They are dealing with everything thrown at them, and being verbally and physically abused as well as spat at on a regular basis…How would you cope and react to such vilification?
    Remember, there is NO cure for stupidity, and we have a surplus locally..

    • Brilliant!! I especially like your comment that: Remember, there is NO cure for stupidity, and we have a surplus locally!!
      Cruel, but perhaps true!!!
      Stay safe.

  3. “Strict new rules that are not being taken seriously because advice is not strong enough”, is a statement so very well said by fellow Kent Resident.
    Lax as some may seem, let’s not forget this is new to everyone of us including the police. Forgive me Ann, for being so uneducated and therefore so incredibly thick, but as a resident of William Avenue, this is all very surreal for me. I’m pretty sure that my nearby neighbours feel much the same too. I was thinking, yes Ann, ‘thinking’ that perhaps some REGIONAL news coverage might have a little more of a serious impact?!
    I swear right up until Boris Johnson contracted the virus I was watching the mps sitting in the houses of parliament as they always do like squashed sardines! Maybe I’m mistaken though, as that would have to have been aired over ‘National News’ wouldn’t it, Ann??
    Lastly, I don’t know who the police spokesperson is that stated that a group of fifteen were at the property! As a first hand witness I can quite categorically tell you that is absolute nonsense! The police did NOT enter any ones property The most they did was stand in the doorway of the block of flats and spoke to another resident through the window from her garden. They spoke to about 5 people in total and it was after a reported assault!
    Besides all of that I think that some kind of regional advert, something more localised, broadcast in lamen term; might have more of an impact of the seriousness of the harsh reality that is about to encroach all our lives. Afterall, we’re not all, and i quote,”educated”, are we!!

  4. What has Ann said to annoy “Non-judgemental reader” so much?

    She has been speaking bluntly- but there seems to be rather a lot of selfish thoughtless people around. It is perfectly possible that lack of factual information is partly to blame for the particular types of selfish and thoughtless behaviour which have been evident recently.

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