Continued free food deliveries from Our Kitchen and Ramsgate Town Council team confirmed

Ramsgate Town Council depot

Our Kitchen on the Isle of Thanet will continue to be involved with food deliveries during the coronavirus crisis.

Despite a disagreement over operating procedures and a partial withdrawal of funding that arose over the weekend it has now been confirmed that food deliveries will continue.

Stephanie Hayman, director of Our Kitchen on the Isle of Thanet CIC, said: “We are pleased to say that the vital work of getting much-needed food and provisions distributed to those in need in Thanet continues.

“Many tireless volunteers and staff from several Thanet charities, voluntary organisations and the district council are collaborating in a hub and spoke system to channel supplies from Fareshare to local communities.

“Our Kitchen on the Isle of Thanet continues to play a key role facilitating the communications between Fareshare and local distribution hubs, as well as sign-posting to families in need to the distributors in their communities. This essential, collaborative effort at such a difficult time continues apace but we fear the need in Thanet is very high. No doubt the nature and scope of the service will continue to evolve and grow.”

Much of the distribution is being carried out by Ramsgate Town Council staff, with input from town clerk Richard Styles, and community volunteers including Councillor Becky Wing.

Radford House – the former fire station in Effingham Street – is serving as the depot for all the food collected from FareShare and other organisations.

The team are then distributing and parcels are going out to charities and groups across the isle. Our Kitchen, founded and led by Sharon Goodyer, is expected to receive £4,500 funding from county councillor Barry Lewis via his members grant. Fellow county councillor Karen Constantine will use £8000 from her members fund for the Ramsgate operations.

Cllr Wing said: “When things get tough, good always shines and while communities in Thanet wait for government support it is the smaller projects that work all year and locals that ‘step up’ to get that support in place fast.

“For the last two weeks, with a massive increase in demand, Ramsgate Town Council and some of is team ‘got stuck in’. Sharon Goodyer from Our Kitchen has been locating large food stores for Thanet, which are being collected from Ashford, off loaded and redistributed to food banks across Thanet including Salvation Army, The Gap – Broadstairs, St Austin & St Gregory’s  Margate.

“We have also delivered to over 60 families and people – some acute cases of self-isolation where food was desperately short.

“It has been an absolute pleasure to be involved in collecting and distributing food to the vulnerable, those in need, isolated and less fortunate, over the past few days. Sharon Goodyer is an absolute trouper and a difficult woman to keep still and special superhero awards need to be made to RTC workers Chris Barton, Maxine Morgan and Tyler Keehner.”

Sharon at the Summer Kitchen last year Photo David Stillman

The confirmation of continued services was issued today (March 31) following uncertainty over the weekend after the disagreement took place.


  1. My grant includes Margate and cliftonville residents,all of thanet will benefit from our kitchen, but i hope the other county councillors not mentioned in the article will consider also use their members grant to increase the distribution of food to all areas of Thanet

  2. No mention of how Sharon spoke about her treatment
    The funding withdrawal.
    Someone was accusing her
    No mention

    Jenny please do not be rude. I’ve done nothing wrong but you always chastise me for speaking out

  3. Things are so very serious at the moment that I have chosen simply to move on. The only thing that matters is that we get free food out to those who need it. People are feeling scared and vulnerable. They feel they disappear when they self isolate. The food we provide is often not a very useful selection but apart from providing sustenance it gladdens hearts. We strike some right bargains so each bag sent out costs a lot less than elsewhere. We would be grateful if you would use your local food bank rather than coming directly to me or the Ramsgate Town Team. That way you will build a relationship with your local distributor and fewer people will travel less distance. I work from home because my body is not as strong as it was. The true heroes are all the people collecting food, sorting and delivering it to you. Some are paid some are volunteers. No matter. They increase their own personal risk every time they step outside their front door to join in getting food to you. What we ask of them is enormous.

    The voluntary sector has done amazing things in the past few weeks to help to make this situation a little more bearable. I know it is really difficult staying in. We are at our best in Thanet when we support each other, come together and laugh and play and eat together. We will do that again but the greatest love we can show each other at the moment is to stay apart.

    May I ask every local county councillor to consider donating part of this new financial year’s allocation of funds to this cause? Our Kitchen does not have a wages bill, we pay no rent. Our only cost is our insurance. Every penny you donate goes to buying and distributing food to Thanet.

    Thank you for all your support. This feels like we are all in a bad dream together. We will do our best to help you all get through this but won’t it be wonderful to wake up one morning and it is all over.

    • Thanks for update,hopefully other county councillors will come on board, Margate and cliftonville are being served, but to continue for the weeks ahead we need all of thanet to come together and if some of my money goes into Ramsgate so be it. Also can i appeal to our mps to donate to our kitchen

  4. We are working across the community to provide logistic support and distribution across Thanet. We are in contact with various organisations in Thanet. TDC is acting as the strategic body for Thanet, which is of critical importance.
    The virus makes no discrimination about who you are or where you live and RTC understands this;so please be assured, Cliftonville and Dane valley will not miss out if there is an unmet need.
    Rather than people speaking out, it would be better if they helped out.
    I will be putting out a statement very soon.

  5. Myself and my husband are self isolating ever since we got our first text message from the NHS, as we are both assessed as extremely vulnerable, but nobody from any organisation has been anywhere near us ,to find out if we are in any need of help,

  6. Linda ,please contact your local councillor or if you wish phone me on 07976808755

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