Thanet county councillors donate £4,500 to keep emergency food supplies running

Sharon Goodyer from Our Kitchen on the Isle of Thanet Photo Caroline Dyal

A donation of £4,500 has been made by County Councillors Barry Lewis and Karen Constantine to ensure the continued running of Our Kitchen on the Isle of Thanet during the coronavirus emergency.

The Kitchen, run by Sharon Goodyer, is organising food collections from FareShare Kent and through donations from businesses which have had to shut up shop and is then redistributing to food banks and emergency help projects such as The Gap in Broadstairs and the Ramsgate salvation Army.

The aim is to make sure vulnerable residents in need are provided for during the crisis.

The funding is through Kent County Council’s members’ grant scheme.

Cllr Lewis said: “We have given the money from our members’ grants to make sure we can keep supplies going to the Kitchen and then through them to other charities.

“The money is being fast-tracked and will be available from the beginning of next week. Sharon’s home has become the hub for food going to groups like the Salvation Army.”

Any charities needing food supplies should contact Sharon on on 07912 793980 or message the Our Kitchen on the Isle of Thanet facebook page here


  1. Great to see Labour’s Barry Lewis and Karen Constantine supporting the Thanet Kitchen programme run by Sharon Goodyear, what about Thanet’s other county councillors ?

  2. Cliftonville only has one and that is Barry lewis KCC he is
    he is allocated an allowance every year
    Not sure on what the Margate civic society can give?
    The charter trustees do nothing for this town get your moths out of your purses and help …

    • The charter Trustees actually give alot of money each year to charity and on the Dr Peetes charity fund we help alot of people that are really struggling financially that need simply a bed or a cooker etc.
      The Mayor this month is donating half his monthly allowance along with a further money from the Mayor’s Fund to help People facing extreme hardship.
      On top of this,alot of money throughout the year has been raised for Age Concern.

  3. Well done Karen Constantine and Barry Lewis! I have known Karen constantine for a number of years and she is constantly….(pardon the pun) campaigning for more help for vulnerable people in Thanet. I know she feels this food kitchen is vital and well in the days we have ahead even more so. Hopefully in the CV crisis this will be a good time for people to think about those who are vulnerable year round not just in this current outbreak.

  4. Can someone please explain why then has Sharon closed up shop as of yesterday and an explanation needs to be made to everyone because she has put out there that she has closed due to lack of funding what the hell is going on please

  5. not much to really go on
    except what Sharon has told us that she is hanging up her pinny and ramsgate town team will hold the reigns
    may I ask about cliftonville please
    and things do not add up at all

  6. So why has a KCC councillor withdrawn funding for this vital community spirited service? It’s very bad timing as there’s a crisis.

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