‘Cod Squad’ fisheries patrol vessel anchored off Walpole

HMS Tyne Photo John Horton

Royal Navy patrol vessel HMS Tyne is currently anchored off Walpole Bay.

The fisheries protection vessel- numbered P281, was built at Southampton and launched in April 2002.

It is an armed “River “ class offshore patrol vessel.

Photo Jamie Horton

She is one of the three River-class patrol ships built to safeguard the fishing stocks and to enforce national and EU fisheries legislation within British Fishery Limits.

She is one of the busiest vessels in the Fleet, spending nine out of ten days at sea protecting fisheries.

Photo John Horton

HMS Severn, Tyne and Mersey make up the Fishery Protection Squadron – the ‘Cod Squad’ – the oldest unit in the Royal Navy.

Patrol boats like HMS Tyne contribute to a wide range of tasking from University Training through to protecting and patrolling in the Strait of Gibraltar.