Police receive report of ‘drilled’ tyres on Thanet ambulances

The Make Ready station Photo WW Martin

A report of damage to the tyres of six ambulances at the Make Ready station in Haine Road, by Westwood, has been made to police today (March 22).

According to a social media report from a paramedic site worker the tyres of several vehicles were drilled, forcing them off the road.

A spokesperson for South East Coast Ambulance Service confirmed damage to six vehicles, saying: “Six of our frontline ambulances were deliberately damaged overnight at our Make Ready Centre in Thanet.

“Our fleet staff have worked tremendously hard this morning to ensure that the impact on our patients was minimal. However, it was additional work at a time we are already under significant pressure.”

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “We have received a report of damage to tyres on one ambulance which had been parked in Haine Road Ramsgate.  The damage was discovered shortly after 7am today. It is unclear at this stage whether it was caused deliberately.”

Paramedics at the station are among our frontline staff working to help deal with the coronavirus outbreak in addition to normal duties.

Make Ready is a system where  ambulances are prepared by a dedicated  team of specialists who clean, restock and check the equipment before te beginning and at the end of every shift. Vehicles are regularly deep-cleaned and swabbed for the presence of micro-organisms including MRSA and CDiff.

National data

As of 9am on 22 March 2020, 78,340 people have been tested in the UK, of which 72,657 were confirmed negative and 5,683 were confirmed positive.

281 – a rise of 48 – patients in the UK who tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) have died.

In Kent, 48 people are confirmed as positive for the virus – up 13 from March 20 – with a further 11 in Medway.

Confirmed cases in Thanet include one at Birchington Vale, another in Westgate, a staff member at Saga and a parent of a Chatham & Clarendon grammar student as well as an unconfirmed number being treated at QEQM Hospital.


  1. It is to be hoped that the ambulances are kept under CCTV observation, so that any culprit may be identified. One can only wonder if this is a deliberate act,what whould pocess someone to do such a thing ?

    • I just hope whoever was responsible for such a stupid act desperately needs an ambulance, and can’t get one!!

  2. Drilled tyres… Come on people
    Kids off school bored
    Adults doing it for a prank

    Put Thanet on lock down and then see if you want to be arrested and sent to FEMA camps…

    I see make shift mortuaries bring built Kathy
    Martial law will sort them out


    • Seriously how can you say kids off school bored and adults doing it for a prank. Rebecca are you sure a prank lm not laughing and any person in their right mind is not either if all the ambulance are out on service getting people to hospital and the only ambulance is waiting for 2 tyres to be replaced as some low life scum has drilled holes in them there is a crew no ambulance 12 tyres at the side all with holes in and you or someone close to you has a heart attack what are you going to do die if you don’t get treated. What you going to say then your right pricisly nothing as you will be dead. Yes I am being hard/nasty but that is a possible outcome. I do hope cctv is available and those responsibile are caught and dealt with most severely as it is possible. What will the low life stoop to Next.

    • Oh really? Kids bored and adults for a prank? I had to think before I replied to this. How can you justify your comments about damage to front line ambulances?

  3. Unbelievable behaviour. One can only hope that there is CCTV footage of the culprit/culprits , they are identified and they are charged , fast tracked into court and given the maximum sentence for criminal damage (depends on the value of damage caused). Perhaps this would act as a suitable deterrent to others.

  4. Hope this isnt true.
    Lowest of the low if it is.
    Urge anyone who knows who it is to report them.
    Meant to be standing together and helping others.

  5. This really does defy description! I know that we have some “strange” people in Thanet, but to sabotage an emergency ambulance! It is beyond belief!

  6. Just when you think there couldn’t be anything more idiotic out there……..someone rises to the challenge!!

  7. Thanet is full of divs. I’ve never lived in a place as bad.
    Do you think it’s something in the water?

  8. i don’t live in Kent i live in South Yorkshire i have seen this type of thing happen before and paramedic car and ambulances been stolen but would the the culprit/culprits. like it if they was calling a 999 call to therm or there family totally disgusting. just hope there never found out and need a ambulance themselve. morons

  9. After everything that’s going on around the world at the minute ambulances in Thanet are a most needed thing right now
    What is happening to Society nowadays It’s unbelievable and I do hope that they catch the drug nut x

  10. What utter selfish behaviour. I hope there is CCTV and these people are caught, named and shamed and given a very heavy sentence even if they say…oh sorry I was high and didn’t mean it… seriously I live in this area and unfortunately I have had to have an ambulance out a time or two and so have my parents who needed them badly. If one of my family were to die because of these idiots I would be waiting for them when they came out of prison! I don’t usually condone violence but some people only learn how not to be such selfish jerks when someone stands up to them and says NO that isn’t acceptable!

  11. someone must know something,hope they will be found named and shamed and put away for a very long time

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