Sandwich Tech sends home Year 7s for the remainder of week amid staff shortages due to self-isolation

Image Nick Smith / Sandwich Technology School (wikimedia commons)

Year 7 pupils at Sandwich Tech have been sent home for the remainder of the week today (March 17) amid staff shortages due to teachers self isolating.

In a statement head teacher Tracey Savage said: “As you are aware, the government has announced some stringent measures to help control the spread of the Covid 19 pandemic.  This includes the requirement for the public to self-isolate as a precaution if a member of their household has symptoms in common with Covid 19, or self-isolating if they are vulnerable in some way – pregnant, for example.

“This has had a significant effect on staff absence and our capacity to ensure that there is a teacher in front of every class, and while we have managed today we will not be able to sustain provision for all year groups with our current levels of staffing.

“For this reason I have taken the decision to keep the school open for the rest of this week for Years 8 – 13 only.  (For)  Year 7, please do not send them to school for the remainder of this week.  This will gives us the capacity to continue the education for the other year groups in a meaningful way while doing our best to safeguard those students in our care.

“Instead, we would like Year 7 to complete the work, at home.”

Online resources have been provided for students to complete at home.