Thanet community pulls together to help people self-isolating due to coronavirus

The coronavirus data

The Thanet community is pulling together to make sure help is offered to those who may have to self-isolate due to the coronvirus.

Numerous facebook page have posts advising those in self isolation who have a request for help with shopping or other errands to let the community know so arrangements can be made.

The Broadstairs facebook page has a pinned post where people can ask for help. Dozens of people have posted to the page to offer their services.

Find the post here

As of yesterday (March 12) 29,764 people have been tested in the UK, of which 29,174 were confirmed negative and 590 were confirmed as positive. Ten patients who tested positive for COVID-19 have died.

There are 23 new cases in the south east, bringing the total to 83, and nine cases in Kent -up from five – plus two in Medway.

The virus outbreak was upgraded from an epidemic to a pandemic on March 11. The Chief Medical Officers for the UK have raised the risk level to high. The country has been moved to the ‘delay’ phase.

Speaking yesterday CMO for England Chris Witty said people showing mild symptoms should self isolate for seven days. He said a new but continual cough and a temperature at 37.8 or over would be indicators. He also asked people not to call 111 unless their condition deteriorates.

He said a package of measures were being considered but, at this stage, it was too early for social restrictions although the government expected to bring those measures in over the next few weeks.

It is estimated that the UK is still 10 to 14 weeks away from the peak of the virus.

New stay at home guidance also been issued. Find it here

The picture in Thanet

Kent School of English is no longer accepting students until at least the end of the month.

Principal Andy Flaig said: “Due to the escalating coronavirus situation, we have agreed with our partner schools and agents that, as of this weekend, KSE will not be accepting any students until March 29 at the earliest. We understand this will affect a lot of people locally – staff, suppliers, hosts, voucher-takers and others – but this decision has been made with the local community’s best interests in mind.

“We will be keeping the situation under review and will act according to the advice we receive.”

The halt in language school business is already having an impact on the supply chain in Thanet such as host families, takeaways in Broadstairs and coach companies.

Birchington Vale

Birchington Vale caravan park underwent a deep clean last night (March 12) following confirmation from Public Health England that a customer at the club house on March 7 has since tested positive for coronavirus (Covid-19).

Caravan owners received a message from site owner Park Holidays to advise them of the situation.

The message said: “We have been advised by Public Health England that a person who attended an event at Birchington Vale clubhouse on Saturday, March 7 has tested positive for coronavirus COVID-19,

“We are therefore contacting everyone who may have been in the vicinity of this person to advise them of the situation and provide advice as recommended by Public Health England.

“We have been given assurances by PHE that the individual has taken the necessary precautions and that the likelihood of anyone else attending the event on March 7 contracting the virus is extremely low. They have advised that prolonged close vicinity contact of at least 15 minutes would be required before any serious risk of infection.”

Park Holidays say PHE is satisfied with the hygiene steps taken but an additional deep clean is being carried out anyway.

Broadstairs and St Peters Town Council

The Broadstairs and St Peters Town Council meeting for March 16 has been cancelled as a precautionary measure.

A statement on social media says: “Due to the ongoing uncertainty with the Covid19 virus, the Town Council has made the decision to cancel the March 16 Town Assembly. All reports will now be posted on the website and members of the community are asked to email the Town Council if they wish to raise any questions.”

Limes Medical Centre

The Limes Medical Centre in Margate is using telephone consultations  by clinical staff  to triage patients then bring in those that need to have a face to face appointment, the same as other GP practices in the county and following Commissioner and  PHE advice.

Prescriptions are able to be electronically sent to a pharmacy of the patients choice.

Assistant Practice Manager Errol White said: “We are encouraging patients not to attend the surgery to support the vulnerable patients we continue to see and safeguard services moving forward. There is no reduction  in appointments or clinical support.

“Please can patients ring the surgery for more information. We have put extra reception staff on the phone lines to support this.  We request our patients follow Government advice at this time and thank them for their co-operation.”

MP Sir Roger Gale

The North Thanet MP has suspended face to face surgeries but will continue with case work and contact constituents by phone. He said: “For the duration of the Coronavirus pandemic I and my team will continue to operate as normally as possible within the issued guidelines.

“While it is clearly necessary, in the interests of public health, to minimise exposure to possible infection and therefore to suspend  public access to our Thanet offices we shall continue to process all constituency casework as usual and regular “advice surgeries” will be conducted by telephone – please call 01843-848588 for an appointment.

“I shall endeavour to attend to my normal duties in The House of Commons, where I am at present chairing The Environment Bill through its Committee stage.  While the situation that our country, and indeed the world, faces is serious and warrants sensible precaution it is also necessary to maintain a sense of proportion. We can and will see our way through this difficulty, as we have had to endure other challenges, by working together and supporting and caring for each other.”

Ramsgate Care Centre

Ramsgate Care Centre residential home in Boundary Road shut to visitors on Tuesday (March 10) as a precaution due to a suspected case within a one mile radius. The centre has 41 elderly residents.

Owners Select Healthcare Group’s operation director Brett Bernard said: “We would like  assure relatives and stakeholders we have no suspected cases of COVID-19 within the home and this measure has been taken for prevention and to protect the vulnerable adults in our care. Additional measures have also been put in to place within the home.

“Posters, increased infection control and restrictive visiting is already in place. We are assessing the situation daily and will makes appropriate changes when needed.”

St Lawrence College Photo Akafinto via Wikimedia Commons

Another staff member from St Lawrence College in Ramsgate has gone into isolation. The teacher  recently returned from an organised Latin trip to the south of Italy.

A school spokesperson said: “We were made aware that a member of staff who had just returned from a trip to southern Italy had developed a dry cough over the weekend. The teacher concerned otherwise feels well, but as a precautionary measure and in line with guidance from Public Health England (PHE) and NHS 111, the teacher is now self-isolating and is arranging to be tested for Covid-19. The teacher has not been into College since the visit to Italy.

“With the number of reported cases in the UK growing daily, we are, of course, aware that this is a worrying time. The welfare of everyone in the SLC community remains our primary concern and we are keeping all parents and staff informed. At the same time, we need to ensure that our response is proportionate. We continue to take Public Health England advice, which is currently to keep the school open, even if there is a confirmed Covid-19 case.”

The school says a teacher taken ill on March 11 was a separate health issue not related to Covid-19.

A sports coach at St Lawrence College also self-isolated as a precaution last month after spending a short amount of time at Singapore airport during a return trip from Australia.

At QEQM Hospital in Margate  a testing ‘drive through’ method appears to have been introduced with people urged to stay in their vehicle and call a designated number for further advice. The site also has an isolation pod. Government advice is to stay at home if you present with symptoms.

The centre is taking measures as the impact of the virus hits

At Broadstairs Education Centre language school there have been student cancellations and staff are currently working reduced hours due to the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19).

The centre, which has 10 dormitories at its St Peters Park Road base, says the immediate effects of the outbreak are ‘undeniable’ but directors are putting in short and long term plans to protect staff jobs, homestay providers and contractors.

BEC says some Spring bookings have been moved back but has iterated that there is no ‘notion of collapse’ and the school expects to continue flourishing during the second half of year. Bosses say where appropriate, staff will be offered the chance to take up annual leave. It is understood BEC is closing to students until mid-April.

Read the full statement here

Clarendon site of Chatham & Clarendon Grammar

Students and a staff member at Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School in Ramsgate have self-isolated as a coronavirus (Covid-19) precaution.

In a message to parents the school said a parent of one of the students has been diagnosed with the virus. The student will self-isolate for 14 days. A member of staff who also had contact with the affected person has taken the same measures.

The school also said: “A small number of students are self-isolating as a precautionary measure due to contact with family or friends who have visited from the affected regions in Northern Italy.”

Head teacher Debra Liddicoat said: “No students have been diagnosed with Coronavirus and therefore we will continue to follow the PHE guidance.”

The children’s outpatient department at QEQM Hospital in Margate was also closed on March 4 after a patient -understood to be a child – presented with the possibility of the Covid-19 (coronavirus) virus.


  1. It appears the virus was transmitted from animals to humans initially, so it could do the same in reverse! That is, if someone gets the virus they could pass it on to their pet cat or dog! Does anyone know where small surgical masks can be bought, that can fit over a cat or dogs face?

  2. Ramsgate Town Council has not cancelled its meetings as yet, but it is taking the situation under advice.There is a plan in place to manage the situation as it arises and this will be implemented as and when it is necessary.
    The origins of the virus are not clear as yet and I would not accept that the previous posting is correct with its assumptions.
    I urge everyone to be calm, cautious and follow the advice published by the Govt, especially with regard to hand washing and self isolation.If you have a bad cold or cough, please stay at home and ring 111 only if things take a noticeable turn for the worse.This is not the time for the worried well to contact the NHS. If we all act responsibly, we will come through this together.

  3. I’ve been in isolation for 9 days with a cough that’s persistent. I have a child under 16 with me who was sick too. Although he’s recovered and I’m not doing so great . Neither of us have been out to get supplies we have nothing left. The really sad thing is no one’s actually noticed or cared. I work and fell ill a week before my employer shut shop. Not one person has contacted me to see how I am. My son was due to take his GCSE’s but none of the teachers have bothered to find out what’s the story with his non attendance during the last week. Both have failed to check in on us, find out if we’re ok or we needed anything? and now I’m in a predicament where I’m forced to leave my home still very unwell & coughing to get food, or we starve! It is simply that.

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