From Rita Hayworth to David Bowie – the amazing drawings created by tattoo artist from Monkton

Dean shows his fabulous sketches

A tattoo artist from Monkton reveals his artistic talents do not stop at inking skin with this collection of amazing sketches.

Dean Mason, who works at Inkwell in Margate, uses charcoal to create detailed drawings depicting an array of figures and famous stars.

The 32-year-old spends around 10 hours on each drawing, although the time is split between working on customers.

The former Sandwich Tech student is yet to exhibit his art but says he is considering it.

He said: “I was always drawing as I grew up. My grandad Ken painted and drew, and I would spend evenings with him. My dad was also quite artistic.

“I only recently started sketching people and I just do those who I find interesting. So, I like Tom Hardy films and have done him and Ian McShane as Blackbeard, Ade Edmondson, David Bowie and Rita Hayworth for my sister as she said I kept drawing men.

“I like charcoal. As a kid I would do elaborate drawings and then black them all out, charcoal can give me big areas of black.”

Dean, who started his career after getting a tattoo in honour of Ken and then deciding to try it for himself, is now planning an interesting series of drawings that will feature some of his customers.

He said: “A lot of my customers work in mental health and I thought I would draw portraits of them to show the people behind that work.”