Fundraiser launched to create hydrotherapy and rehabilitation centre for dogs

A hydrotherapy centre for dogs

A veterinary physiotherapist from Margate is fundraising to create a hydrotherapy and rehabilitation centre for dogs.

Laura Hackett, 26, provides physical therapy to animals with musculoskeletal or neurological injury and disease. Currently she works as a mobile practice but aims to raise £10,000 to  create the centre with all the necessary equipment under one roof.

The money will pay for works including access and toilet facilities for users, an uderwater treadmill refurbishment and installation, electrics, lighting and heating and flooring.

Laura, who lived in Broadstairs until her Margate move in 2018, said: “Following on from the establishment of the centre, I will be looking to take on local college graduates to train to become canine hydrotherapists.”

Laura’s  work involves massage, myofascial release and stretching; electrical therapies such as laser, ultrasound and TENS/NMES, as well as water-based therapies with an underwater treadmill.

She said: “The issue in the South East of Kent is that there is a lack of high-quality, professional hydrotherapy centres for vets to refer to that are managed by a qualified veterinary physiotherapist. This project hopes to fulfil the need for a high-quality rehabilitation centre for dogs in the region.

“This project has already achieved the first major hurdles – six years of university education, working experience, electrical equipment and a hydrotherapy treadmill. The final stage is the preparation of a premise with all equipment  utilised under one roof.

“My mission is to provide owners with the resources required to provide their animal with the longest, most comfortable and rewarding lives.”

Laura has now launched a fundraiser as well as making grant applications.

Visit to pledge your support.