Public meeting to discuss ‘Margate’s Millions’

How could the government cash be used to improve Margate? Photo Frank Leppard

A meeting to discuss a £25 million fund made available to Margate through a government fund will be held in Cliftonville tomorrow (February 27).

In September, the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG) announced Margate was one of 101 towns in the running for up to £25million to drive economic development, focusing on urban regeneration, improved transport, better broadband connectivity, skills and culture.

As part of this a Town deal Board is being created to oversee the project. In January Thanet council advertised for a chairperson to bring together the board, which is tasked with producing an evidence based Town Investment Plan by the summer of 2020.

This month members of civil society groups in Margate and Cliftonville sent an open letter to Thanet District Council regarding the bid.

The groups say they are “concerned” the authority has published little information regarding the bid.

Thanet council has received to date £162,019 from central government and the letter requests the authority use the funds to “encourage meaningful participation from all of our citizens in the development of the bid. “

These groups have now organised the public Margate Millions meeting to be held at Cliftonville Community Centre, St Paul’s Road, Cliftonville, tomorrow (February 27) from 7.30pm-9.30pm.

The event is free but has limited capacity. Tickets can be booked at…

The Margate Millions event has been organised by A Better Cliftonville, the Grotto Hill Area Street Scheme, the Gordon Road Area Street Scheme, the Athelstan Road Tenants and Residents Association and the Margate Conservation Area Advisory Group.


  1. Most will be at the council meeting and the rest of community
    how many tickets have been taken

    Need to sort out the prosecution of all 4 CEO at the council as news just in from Sheway fox that the CEO are yet again failing the people who are in council homes with paying a company that does nothing whilst people are without boilers first
    these are peoples lives you are messing with TDC and where are the councilors and the MPs on this it is an utter disgrace and all officers at TDC should be sacked and if it is not recitfied in 48 hours by the councilors you elect

    • Rebecca I fully agree with you the need is urgent that the boilers and any gas using appliances need inspection and maintenance services sorted out also the paperwork needs to be correct!! And I’m not a TDC tenant but was with them now with a housing association and are on the ball with checking gas etc lives are possibly at risk by unmaintained appliances.

  2. Surprise surprise, Margate gets even more money. Margate is swimming in cash and resources while Ramsgate is rapidly turning into a slum bought on by a council who only care about Margate and Broadstairs. Thanet council is turning Margate into the haves and Ramsgate into the have-nots, So much for an equal society.

  3. Actually, this whole thing sounds like a scam.

    This is NOT a shedload of cash coming from the government. This is a small amount of cash that Margate MIGHT get if we are good little children.And beat other areas to the kind of cash we should ALL qualify for.
    We need a range of cash investments, notably to increase affordable and socially-rented housing , another large amount for Social Care, combined with the need to regard Social carers as “professional staff” so that immigrant workers can enter to do the work without hindrance, more cash to save the Stroke Unit at QEQM and to protect the A&E dept there. More money for GPs as there aren’t enough and extra payments for working in our area may be a necessary inducement(come on doctors, we ‘re not THAT bad!),and more cash to return Police numbers to the level of 10 years ago.

    Just for starters. So much has been taken away from Thanet over the years , it may take more years to just get back what has been lost.

    This practice of making SOME government money available for SOME areas gives a false impression that things are going to improve because the government seems to have noticed what damage they have inflicted. In fact, it is a way of avoiding spending even a fraction of what is needed.

    I know, I know, “Where is it going to come from!??” I suggest that it comes from the people who have been increasing their wealth out of all proportion these last ten years. The super rich with offshore Bank accounts who don’t pay tax in the UK. And if they don’t like it , they can leave. We are better off without them.(Not sure who will fund the Tory Party when they have gone, though)

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