Summer Kitchen brings pop up shop to Cliftonville

Delivery for the pop up in Cliftonville

The Summer Kitchen will hold a pop up shop this morning (February 22) with lots of good food on offer for small prices.

Everything from fruit and veg to cereal will be available to snap up at super cheap prices.

The pop up runs from 10am until noon in Athelstan Road behind the car wash and Pettman building,

Sharon Goodyer Photo Caroline Dyal

Summer Kitchen boss Sharon Goodyer said: “I could never do something like this by myself and this time the generosity and sheer hard work of others has been extraordinary.

“My phone and my email were going all yesterday with offers of help.  Even my taxi driver.  Babu, was collecting and delivering food at no cost.”

Dan Chilcott, from the Resort studios based at Pettman’s, added: “We’re delighted to be hosting The Summer Kitchen’s pop-up at Resort – good food and creativity go hand-in-hand: an inspired stomach enables an inspired mind.

“In 2019 we exhibited Ty Locke’s artwork made from 5000+ tins of beans, which were later donated to local food banks. Many of us take food for granted – especially here in Cliftonville where we have such a diverse range of cafes, eateries and food suppliers. No-one should be excluded from this and we’re pleased to be supporting Sharon’s great wor.k”

The Modern Boulangerie in Ramsgate has donated bread, Chris Gadd and his team, including Wayne Edgeworth, from Gadd’s food and drink  shifted tons of food from Ashford up to Athlestan Road and City Sprint also collected food from Ashford and brought it to Margate.

Among items on offer there will be mangoes, plums, bananas ,carrots, spinach, onions, cucumbers, beetroot, green beans, leeks, yogurts, tins of butter beans, packs of Kellogg’s cornflakes, papaya and apples, All re in date and good quality.

Sharon added: “We need to cover our costs but we are all volunteers, we have not been charged rent, we will not make a profit so our prices will be mega-affordable for example: a mixed box of fruit and veg will be £1,”

Open 10am to noon, bring big bags and small change.

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