Ramsgate man jailed for knife offences, assault and threats to Westwood Cross shop staff

JAILED: John Stewart

A 40-year-old Ramsgate man who was repeatedly caught in possession of knives has been jailed for 16 months.

John Stewart, previously of Auckland Avenue, Ramsgate, was abusive to shop staff at Westwood Cross in November and December 2019 and January 2020.

He was jailed at Canterbury Crown Court on Wednesday (Wednesday 19) for three counts of possession of an offensive weapon, assault and using threatening words and behaviour.

The first incident happened on November 4, 2019, when Stewart swore and spat at staff in the store. When police attended they found a knife in his coat pocket.

On November 17, Stewart was again found in possession of an eight-inch knife in Margate High Street and was bailed with conditions.

He returned to Westwood Cross on December 26 and threatened to spit in the face of a member of  staff who suspected him of trying to steal from her shop.

Stewart was abusive to a security guard at the same store on January 16 this year, swearing at the man before telling staff he had a weapon. Police found Stewart in possession of a kitchen knife.

PC Curtis Green, Kent Police’s investigating officer, said: “Stewart subjected his victims, who were people trying to do their jobs, to totally unacceptable abuse, threats and treatment.

“Kent Police will always take action to protect shop staff and any other member of the public who feels in fear of offenders like Stewart.

“The force has a zero tolerance approach to the carrying of knives and I pleased this sentence will see Stewart removed from our streets for a significant period of time.”


  1. “A zero tolerance approach to the carrying of knives” – yet he was caught twice before Christmas with knives on him and then released to go up there with yet another knife. Seriously.

  2. The government wants to clamp down on violent offenders and knife crime but soft liberal judges then pass laughable sentences and make a mockery of the law. No wonder criminals have no fear of the law.

    It’s about time judges started thinking more about the victims of crime and the safety of the general public rather that’s doing their best to keep violent offenders out of prison or if they do incarcerate them stop giving them blatantly insufficient sentences.

    The vast majority of society want criminals locked up for longer but judges with liberal ideologies seem more interested in keeping offenders on the streets. Repeat offenders have already had numerous chances to Change their ways and rehabilitate and conform to society like the majority but choose not to.

    Time after time the same criminals are given light weight sentences and simply ignore the plethora of second chances the courts give them and reoffend. Perhaps if serious jail time was handed out they would start to live by society’s rules like the rest of us.

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