Van overturns in Margate crash

The van overturned Photo Malc Wickenden

Police officers were called to a two vehicle crash in Margate this morning (February 14).

The crash took place in St Peter’s Road at 6.45am. A van had collided with a parked car and overturned, blocking one lane of the road. No injuries were reported.

Officers attended and the road was closed briefly while the van was recovered. It has since fully reopened.


  1. There should be double yellow lines on that bend where everyone thinks it is a good place to park and leave their cars all day. There are diagonal lines to seperate the two lanes of traffic but the lanes are blocked with parked vehicles by thoughtless drivers making it dangerous. It was only a matter of time an accident would happen.

    TDC and the Police need to get yellow lines extended in this area but will they be bothered?

  2. When asking KCC for yellow lines they did not want to know, the traffic moves fast both coming into Margate and going out, it is very dangerous for people trying to turn out of Drapers Close left or right as there is no telling what is coming as view is blocked, when cars are speeding along you take your life in your hands to get out

    • Rightly so that they didn’t want to know. You contact your local councillor/MP about new DYL etc, and they will look into it and if appropriate put it forward to KCC. This is clearly stated on the KCC website, KCC does not deal with direct approach.

  3. The hospital parking office refuse to give parking permits to all those who work at the hospital, so staff members understandably are not going to pay £8 per working day to park in the hospital car park. Therefore they park off site. The solution is abolish hospital parking fees.

  4. Agree with Ann. This is a problem caused by the parking policies at the hospital. It’s really dangerous.

    • That may well be the case, but doesn’t give you a right to park there and cause a dangerous hazard.

      The councillor for Dane valley said these lines was being reinstated as well as the ones next to the bollards in St Peters opposite the premier shop, but that never happened? Funny that, the same independent councillor group that started a coup within TDC.

  5. This is the corner that had the lines removed a couple of years back to provide additional parking for the hospital? Seems daft having a cross hatch separation zone that you are now forced to enter as you pass parked cars. Though unlikely a few parked cars made the van fall over.

    • Not sure where you got you information from but that’s incorrect. The lines was removed because it wasn’t on the traffic order, Nothing to do with hospital parking.

  6. The hospital needs staff to be able to get to their place of work, the hospital should abolish all parking fees. Police / ambulance / firefighters / MPs do not have to pay to park at their place of work only hospital staff. It is nothing but utter greed that has help the parking around the hospital to be so chaotic. I’m amazed that local residents have not formed a protest group to expose the problems the hospital parking fees are causing the whole area. Regarding the van crashing into a parked car I would assume that’s the van drivers fault not the parked cars.

    • Ann, I also agree with all you say. The hospital staff parking policy is outrageous, would anybody want to pay £8 a day to park at their place of work.
      As for fault here, I use that road regularly. That van driver was at the very least driving without due care and attention, and probably as is usual on that stretch not observing the 30mph ruling.
      Should not have happened, cars parked or not – they weren’t moving!

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