The Brit Inn returns to its roots as team negotiate one year reprieve

The Brit (postcard image)

A return to its roots will give a year’s reprieve for The Britannia in Margate.

The pub closed its doors on January 15, with landlord Paul Rollins saying there was no other option due to pressures including ‘crippling’ business rates.

Paul and wife Edna had run the Fort Hill boozer for almost five years but the huge rates bill was too much to shoulder.

The Britannia before the closure last month

But the couple have now teamed up with chef Gary-Paul Derriman, of Ministry of Pies, to reopen with a smaller bar area, a restaurant and events space.

The small bar, downstairs, was the original bar area and The Britannia was an Inn offering bed and breakfast accommodation.

The Brit Inn will be a return to the past with a modern twist, still offering a bar with a good choice of beverages, but also featuring a restaurant and the B&B.

The large bar area will be used mostly for events which so far include a line up of a vintage toy and craft fair, a psychic fair, and an art and photography fair.

Gary-Paul will take over the kitchen Photo Chrissie Mienes

A new menu from Gary-Paul will run on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday with him carrying on his service at the Odds Club in Margate every Wednesday and Sunday.

Edna will take the helm at The Brit Inn and will be back in the kitchen on Sundays for her popular roast dinners.

Paul and Edna ran the pub for almost five years

Paul, 66, said: “I did want to buy the freehold but that hasn’t happened. But we do have it for another year and hope to have the rates reduced as part of the building will be closed off. Edna is taking charge and we hope to have lots of fairs over the year.

“Members of the community are encouraged to contact us if they have any plans in mind, and the space can be of use. Our chef Gary will, as always, be offering a large choice on his menu including his vegan and gluten free options.”

Gary will take charge in the kitchen from this Monday (February 10).

The toy and collectors fair will take place on March 6-7. Spaces are £12 for the day.

To book, or find out more, contact Paul on 07779011293 or email [email protected]

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