Ramsgate man’s favour for pregnant friend results in business venture

Jonathon on a surprising cleaning job!

A favour for a pregnant friend was the prompt to launch a new business for Ramsgate resident Jonathon Turner.

The 34-year-old was working in a taxi office when he decided to help out his best friend and accidentally found his vocation.

Jonathon said: “My best friend was pregnant and she got so big she couldn’t do anything and asked me to help clean he house! From that I literally just set up a cleaning business.”

Cleaning Queens was born and next month the firm – which has expanded considerably – celebrates its second anniversary.

Jonathan said: “I never thought it would progress like this. I started working out of home doing jobs. Then I went on to doing holiday lets, it just went absolutely crazy. It wasn’t easy and I’ve had my moments but I wouldn’t change anything.”

Th business has around seven permanent staff with back up from temps and, after going into partnership with former manager William Mitchell-Ruickbie, Cleaning Queens All Purpose Cleaning has a shop base in Cliftonville and is taking on ever bigger contracts.

Performing arts graduate Jonathon – who describes himself as a drama queen turned cleaning queen – still wades into the work and occasionally comes across the odd surprise, such as the huge snake (pictured) during a carpet clean job.

Cleaning Queens All Purpose Cleaning is based at 212 Northdown Road, Cliftonville, pop in or call 07484198676 or find the facebook page here