Electrifying workshops at Upton Junior School

Science workshops at Upton

Electrifying workshops are helping spark a deeper love of science for children at Upton Junior School in Broadstairs.

The educational team from FizzPop Science let year 4 pupils on a journey of discovery as part of a WOW Day for their Light It Up section of their Bright Sparks topic.

Pupils explored practical applications and amazing demonstrations with everyone able to take part and become involved.

The FizzPop team demonstrated a range of activities including how plasma lamps work and a shocking and hair-raising experience with the Van de Graff generator. Throughout the day pupils also learnt about circuits and put their learning into practice in building an electric car.

Tom White, Head of Year 4, said: “At Upton, we teach a broad and balanced curriculum and so we teach a wide range of subjects and skills through our Light It Up topic.

“In Science, pupils learnt about electricity through investigating circuits and conductors and insulators, as well as learning about electrical safety.

“In History, children investigated the development of the light bulb and the significance of Thomas Edison, while in Geography children were fascinated find out about light pollution and the effect it has on the world.

“Meanwhile in Art, they created electrifying lightning storms using watercolour and chalks. It has been a superb topic which really has sparked the pupils’ curiosity.”

Darci Arthur, Head of School, said: “Investigating topics like electricity through a range of subject headings really immerses the children in their learning and gives them a broader perspective of what they are discovering.”