Sporting achievements at Newington primary school

Sporting champs at Newington primary

More boys and girls than ever at Newington primary are taking part in school teams that progress well in local, county and regional sports competitions.

Individual children pursuing their chosen sports outside of school are also recording impressive performances.

The encouragement to improve and achieve is part of the school core values, and the PE/games team are impressed by the desire and enthusiasm of children of all ages at all levels.

The school team did very well at the recent Thanet Year 2 dodgeball championships, while the girls younger than average soccer squad qualified to represent the area in the finals of Kent primary soccer tournament at Thamesmead. Four of the top ten in the Thanet cross country competition were from Newington.

Head of PE Keilley Bowyer, who is joined by sports teacher Ryan Moore and sports coach Warren Schulz, said: “The level at which our children are enjoying their sports and competing is rising and our older pupils are great role models for younger boys and girls who see what they achieve and aspire to do the same. The upturn over recent years is noticeable, as is the children’s commitment and desire, and we are often praised for our fair play and perseverance.”

A snapshot of pupils in Years 5 and 6 is a strong illustration.

Ella is a long distance runner and  a member of Thanet Athletics Club. Lexi is another keen long distance runner and she said:” I love cross-country running and the school helps me with my sport.”

Alex plays in all the year group teams and is a midfielder for Thanet United. Alex said: “Sports is brilliant at Newington and we have a really good choice of what we can take part in during lessons and after school.”

Haniell, swims for Thanet Swim Club and represents Kent, while Esme is an avid dancer.

Aiden and Max are all-rounders and play for every team in year 6. Aiden is goalie for Thanet Colts, Max is a midfielder for the team.

Olivia, another all-rounder and ever-present in all Year 6 teams, represents Thanet and plays football with an older age group at Margate FC; Beatrice plays for all the Year 5 sports teams, is a striker for Thanet United and plays for Thanet girls too; Alana is in every Year 5 team.

Noah, also in every Year 5 team, is goalie for Thanet United and represents the district; Robert, in Year 6, plays for all the school teams and plays right back for Thanet United;

Head Teacher Cliff Stokes is a keen runner. He said: “The ongoing development of our sports provision and its success is another example of how our school goes from strength to strength in all areas.


“Sports and games are an integral part of our life at school because a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and our diversity of provision is wide from traditional games to outdoor adventure activities to speed stacking, from dodgeball to dance and lots in between.

“Our staff are also embracing the sport for all ethos as they plan another Couch to 5K event this spring, where runners from beginners onwards pledge to leave their comfy armchairs and sofas to explore the benefits of running or even walking 5k.

“The event will be held one weekend during the spring.”