Southern Water completes sewer pipe repairs at A256 Sandwich Bypass

Warning of possible lane closure on A256 Image Southern Water

Southern Water repairs on a burst sewer pipe under the A256 Sandwich Bypass have been completed.

The Bypass between the roundabout near Co Part to the Monks Way roundabout (Dover bound) has been closed since before Christmas.

Jean-Paul Collet, Southern Water Operational Manager East, Wastewater Collections, says a final survey to determine the condition of the road will be finished this week, meaning Kent Highways can then decide when to reopen the carriageway.

Mr Collet said: “Southern Water’s repair to a burst pipe under the A256 is now complete. Although we cannot reintroduce pressurised flow to test the repair due to the other burst on the same stretch of pipe under the River Stour near The Bulwark.

“We know that what people really want to know is when the A256 will be reopening – and we are delighted that the final survey looking at the integrity of the road is being completed by Southern Water this week. From these surveys the council can decide when the closure can be removed.

“In the meantime work to repair the burst under the river continues. We are making good progress with plans to drill under the riverbed and lay completely new pipe. Due to the location within a Scheduled Monument we cannot start major digging until we have all the permissions we need. We are working closely with Historic England to get started as soon as possible. Preliminary work is underway.

“We apologise again to residents for the continued requirement for tankers and wish to assure them that we are doing working hard to end the need. Right now they are unfortunately the only way to maintain wastewater services and protect the environment. In the meantime we’ll continue to use the lowest number we can and ensure they stick to the enforced 20mph speed limit.

“We are also exploring a temporary solution which may mean we can stop the tankers even sooner; we will keep everyone updated on this.”

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Diversion – Take the exit to Ramsgate Road and follow round on to Monks Way up to the roundabout.


  1. Today following my further complaints I was visited today by Matt Collins, the project manager & the man in charge to the lorries. They watched my speed tracking videos . They have all been very friendly and helpful. The young man in charge of the vehicle’s (very hard job to have to keep banging on to the drivers when they rotate about speeding) he suggested a flashing speed sign on the approach road in. It’s a fantastic idea and gives the drivers no excuses. Please implement. Many thanks in anticipation.

  2. Sewers dont just burst that easily,There is a reason.

    Could be something to do with the ongoing £30 million SW Thanet sewer upgrade programme.Possibly as more leaky pipes have been repaired under our roads during the current renewal/repair campaign,the existing pumped sewer may have to be dealing with more capacity.

    Sewers and their Infrastructure are usually periodically surveyed and action plans in place for when a joint or pump fails.
    I doubt closing the very busy sandwich bypass,a dual carriageway for this long is the best action plan.

    Just my thoughts !

  3. I don’t have much confidence when they can’t even put a merge in turn sign in the right location, it’s on the carriageway just before the Copart roundabout as you approach from Dover direction. It really needs to be 200 yards before where the A256 goes down to one lane coming from Ramsgate!

  4. this has been the most ridiculous roadworks I have ever encountered, how can anything take this long? the commute makes me want to kill myself

  5. It’s a joke considering China can build a completely new holiday is less time than this. Piss poor planning with lack of vision. What’s really a joke is the sign saying we are protecting the environment, so what about all the fumes from the cars stacked up?

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