Four years following The Street with director Zed Nelson at special Palace Cinema event

The Street by Zed Nelson

A special screening of The Street (15) followed by a Q&A with director Zed Nelson will take place at the Palace cinema in Broadstairs on Thursday (February 6).

The Street looks at how people, shops, cafes and the community can change and asks ‘how does it feel when gentrification brings new life to an area which has become run down?

How are our lives and identities shaped by where we live, by choice or necessity?

How might things look if wealthy developers and cash-strapped councils spent their money differently? ‘

There’s no single answer for our corner of Kent or anywhere in the UK affected by these issues. To explore our changing times and towns the Palace Cinema welcomes Zed Nelson, photographer and director of The Street, a revealing and moving portrait of the changing fortunes of Hackney’s Hoxton Street, and he will discuss his years spent filming the area and interviewing locals old and new.

Following its residents over a four-year period, The Street captures the memories, hopes and fears of neighbours old and new, including the impact of gentrification, austerity and Brexit on their daily live. This East London street, less than a mile from the City of London, has become the last bastion of the area’s traditional communities.

The area surrounding it has been transformed by ‘luxury’ redevelopments and sky-high property prices, hot on the heels of the mirror-glass skyscrapers of London’s financial district.

Zed Nelson is an internationally renowned photographer whose work has been recognised by numerous awards, exhibited in solo shows word-wide, and is in the permanent collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum and the National Portrait Gallery.

The Street + Q&A with Zed is on Thursday, February 6 from 8.30pm

Tickets £7/£6 from or call  01843 865726

Palace Cinema, Harbour Street, Broadstairs CT10 1ET