Appeal for help to transform Ramsgate’s King’s Theatre into Hindu temple and community kitchen

The Kent Tamil Association needs your help

Funding and volunteers are needed to help transform the King’s Theatre in Ramsgate into a Hindu temple and community space.

The Kent Tamil Association has been working to create the temple, main hall and community kitchen but say without the help of the community it will be an ‘impossible task.’

The association is run entirely by volunteers who want to create a centre where everyone is welcome to pop in, have a chat and experience a different culture.

Volunteer administrator Ramona Arning said: “We need urgent funding in order to open the temple officially. We are a charity so no one gets paid and everything is purely done by volunteers.

“Once it is finished, we will be able to run it ourselves from small donations but this is a massive project and we need help from outside.

“We are currently only open on Friday evenings due to the state of the building. We would like to change this as soon as possible but without the help of outsiders this will be an impossible task.

“We are looking for volunteers to work in and out of the temple with painting and decorating, tiling, flooring and woodworks.

“We can’t say how much your help or how much your donation means, if you consider it as small to us it’s priceless.”

The community kitchen will serve meals that are meat, fish and egg free. Everyone will be welcome to pop in.

There will coffee mornings, work with young people and older people and the Tamil community hopes to be able to help people experience a different culture.

Ramona said: “There will be collection boxes in order to be self sufficient once the temple is fully running. The temple is a huge old building that’s over 100 years old. It is not just for us but also for the community of Thanet to keep this beautiful building going.”

The  Kent Thanet Sra Durgai temple is in King’s Place, Ramsgate. The association can be contacted on 07852 885 312 or 07572 434 540.