Teens arrested over gang attack on man in Ramsgate released on bail

An incident in Queen Street involving youths

Three teenagers arrested over a gang attack on a man in Ramsgate have been released on bail.

A group set upon the man in Queen Street, near the junction with King Street and High Street by KFC, at around 8.20pm on Friday (January 24).

It was reported that the 27-year-old victim was punched, kicked and stamped on during the incident, causing him to suffer injuries to his face.

Kent Police officers attended and arrested three teenage boys aged 17, 15 and 14 on suspicion of violent disorder.

They have now been released on bail until February 17 while enquiries continue.

Anyone who saw the assault or captured it on their mobile phone is urged to call the appeal line on 01843 222289 quoting reference 46/15055/20.

You can also call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or complete the online form at www.crimestoppers-uk.org


  1. As was suspected yesterday. One night in the cells then released on bail. The image shows a pack of animals all having a go, not just 3 suspects. There needs to be harsh sentencing for violent crimes such as this as without it things will just progess to the next stage when someone might be killed. The problems lie within the justice system in the UK.

    • Parents need to police their children, this is where the problem lies!
      Fundamentals, teach your children respect and boundaries from the beginning,

  2. People need to stand up and help each other.
    How many people must have walked past and tutted at the degenerates but walked on as its not their problem.

    • Yet the chances are someone amongst that gang of attackers had a knife or if someone intervened they’d turn on that person as well, the chances of intervening and coming to harm yourself are extremely high , the groups of thugs like those pictured have no fear of getting caught and act pretty much as they want.
      Talk to old school police officers and they’ll say spot the ring leader , wade in and hurt them, its the only thing they understand. That is no longer deemed acceptable practice nor are there enough officers to deal effectively with a group that size, the problem will get worse until the death toll and number of injuries to the innocent is sufficient to make the electorate vote for a change of policy, until that time I and i suspect many others will only try to intervene if its my own family or loved ones that are targeted. Anything else is just too much of a risk.

  3. Well said Kent resident. I fully agree. Why let them out bail they should have been held in custody. What about the other yobs who also took part.

  4. The parents of these thugs need to take responsibility for their out of control kids and be made accountable for their actions. Perhaps if parents were made to pay the associated police, medical, clean up costs and fines caused by their yobbish kids they might actually start caring where their kids are rather than leaving them to be everybody else’s problem.

    The parents are fully aware that their kids are out of control, they know they are getting pissed and smoking dope. Parents need to start acting like responsible adults rather than treating their kids like mates.

    Start prosecuting the parents and their piss poor parenting skills would improve overnight.

  5. Ridiculous that the parents could be charged for having a dog out of control, but are not charged for having their children out of control

  6. I know what people mean and I would of always steeped in but when I did this in London I was attached. Stay safe and call for help, if possible get some evidence.
    Like someone said these guys may have weapons and they will use them as we’ve seen.

  7. in all honesty i think there should be a law which the parents face imprisonment, for the children’s crimes. hit the source at the root. instead of bail a fine which would payable within a number of days if not payed put them inside. the trouble with thanet is too many pubs/clubs and not enough shops.

  8. I know someone who is a Security Officer at night in a large Supermarket, not in Thanet, who spotted someone shoplifting. It took 8 of the staff to apprehend the thief before the police arrived, who let him go, why? It was because he was 17, and the police are reluctant to arrest anyone under 18, or even over that age for minor offences, because having a criminal record would hinder their getting a job!

    Yobbish behaviour, drugs, and minor crime is going unreported in many cases, because of the underfunding and lack of police, so people don’t bother even reporting it, simples! The Tory government over the last ten years have spent a trillion pounds (look it up) of our money, paying back their friends the Bankers, who gambled away billions, because of lack of financial controls, and what have they done to stop it happening again? Nothing, but the EU will, who are proposing better, and more stringent financial controls to stop these crooks, ferreting away billions, and billions in their tax havens! Watch out for more civil unrest, now there is a habitual, and proven liar in charge of the country!

  9. Perhaps some of those MPs who wish to leave the EU want to do so because of the EU’s proposal to clamp down on the moving of money to tax havens.

  10. KFC in Ramsgate is known for a county line recruitment center! This doesn’t surprise me! Police know this too, they were the ones that told me, hence why I moved my son out of there asap! Only lived in Ramsgate for a year.

  11. released on bail just to do the same thing to someone else. shameful i myself would have dealt with the matter more severely

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