Independent medical business urges other small traders to work in Thanet

Metha opened the Medical Health Clinic 25 years ago

Report Peter Barnett

Independent businesses have a vital role to play in the ongoing regeneration of Thanet in the new decade.

That’s the view of Meththa Methananda who has celebrated more than 25 years of running the Medical Health Clinic in Margate, during which time he has worked with more than 10,000 patients with a wide range of conditions.

He said: “It was a big step for me when I first left working for the NHS as a physiotherapist in 1994 but I firmly believed there was a future for me running my own practice.

“Over the years the business dynamic in Thanet has shifted and changed but I am pleased to see that there are still many independent and small businesses doing well in the area.

“Places like Margate, Ramsgate and Broadstairs need small businesses to keep the traditional lifeblood of the town flowing, as do smaller trading areas like Westbrook and Garlinge.

“Organisations such as the Rotary Clubs and the small traders’ networks do a splendid job in supporting and promoting us all.

“Recent regeneration projects in the area have borne fruit and it is heartening to see more and more people coming into the area to work with their new projects and ideas, and also as tourists or visitors.”

Preferring simply to be known as Metha, he opened the Medical Health Clinic in the former Lloyds Bank building at 75 Canterbury Road, Margate, in October 1994, having tested the public need and reaction by running private practice sessions at Mill Lane in Margate town centre beforehand.

He added: “It was clear that people liked our approach and how we worked and needed the services we offered, whether as private patients or as referrals.

“I had a decision to make – it was tough but I stepped forward with the support of family, friends and a business partner and we slowly but surely developed our own clinic in Canterbury Road. I think a combination of hard work, enthusiasm and a desire to help people has underpinned everything we had achieved.

“If people have a sound business plan and really believe in what they can offer, then operating as an independent or small trader certainly is worthwhile.

“I am proud to be an independent business and I wish every success to everyone who continues to run and support small businesses.”

Metha, who has fostered a professional, caring and friendly approach from the team at the Medical Health Clinic Margate, specialises in physiotherapy, sports injury treatment, traditional acupuncture, and a range of complementary therapies

The clinic has built a reputation as a centre for excellence treating a variety of conditions with an array of effective therapies. Care and professional attention to patient needs and comfort is the cornerstone of the practice that works alongside local General Practitioners and other healthcare professionals.

The team are members of the Health Professions Council (HPC), the Chartered Society Physiotherapists (MCSP) and are registered with the British Acupuncture Council (MBAcC).

*To find out more about the range of conditions treated at the Medical Health Clinic go online to

Telephone 01843 228828 or mobile 07434 795366, or drop in to the Medical Health Clinic at 75 Canterbury Road, Westbrook, Margate, CT9 5AS during weekday business hours.

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  1. Ah. The privatisation of the NHS. Over the next few years more and more establishments such as this will spring up as the services provided by the NHS will be cut and cut.

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