Laleham Gap celebrates UNICEF silver award

Laleham Gap celebrates reaching silver level in the UNICEF programme

Laleham Gap School has entered the new decade in celebratory mood, having received great news.

All its hard work educating pupils about human rights has paid off with the school being officially recognised by UNICEF as a Rights Respecting School at silver level.

Having been awarded bronze level in double quick time the school has now achieved silver even quicker than the advised time too, due to its comprehensive evidence.

The school is now proudly displaying a banner celebrating this achievement. At the unveiling of the banner the school’s Rights Respecting Schools Award leader Joshua Payne said: “I am so proud of the children and the school. The understanding of not just rights but responsibilities too is growing and permeates the fabric of the school. It is really adding understanding and also a confidence in our children that is great to witness.”

The panel that assessed the school were extremely impressed at progress, particularly that demonstrated by  children and parents. There is  a very clear knowledge of rights on a global and local scale, a new school charter developed with the participation of the entire school community and regular and meaningful celebrations around a broad variety of cultural events.

On its current trajectory it is very likely Laleham Gap will not be too long before it achieves gold level.

Head teacher Les Milton said: “It fits totally with the ethos of our school. You can see this in our new school charter and the centre stage our school council now take within the school. It is vital to celebrate and develop an understanding of rights and responsibilities.

“It is a key part of every child’s education to know this, and particularly our children. I am proud our success at doing this is being recognised.”

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