Photos: Dane Park planting launches new tree scheme

The community digs in at Dane Park Photo Frank Leppard

The first of some 1,200 trees destined for six Thanet sites have been planted today (January 11) at Dane Park.

The event started with a launch by the fountain, attended by BBC Gardeners World presenter Frances Tophill, Margate mayor Mick Tomlinson, North Thanet MP Sir Roger Gale and Tony Freudmann from part-funders RiverOak Strategic Partners.

Refreshments were provided from Dane Park Bowls Club.

Photo Carl Hudson

Planting in three areas at the park takes place until 2pm. Anyone who wants to take part is welcome to turn up between those times.

Photo Frank Leppard

The £1million project is headed up by new group The Isle of Thanet Trees and Woods Initiative (ITTWI)  after it successfully secured £525,000 from the Urban Tree Challenge Fund – overseen by the Forestry Commission – plus £100,000 funding support from RiverOak Strategic Partners. alongside £430,000 labour ‘in kind,’from volunteers  making a total project value of £1,055,000.

Photo Frank Leppard

The group is made up of isle teacher and Thanet Community Forest School founder Luke Evans, Colourful Margate lead Stephanie Nsom; Peter Hasted of the Sunken Garden Revival project; Steve Darling of Dane Valley Woods and Thanet councillor Ash Ashbee.

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The  ITTWI project will plant trees across Dane Valley Woods; George Park; Dane Park; The Sunken Gardens Westbrook;Dane Valley Green and the Dane Valley Woods old landfill site.

Find ITTWI on facebook here


  1. Apart from standing still and not doing anything. There is a difference between the Trees and Craig Mackinlay, Sir Roger Gale, and RSP it is the Trees have a usefulness to them Trees don’t pollute the atmosphere.

  2. Great community turnout. Well over 60 volunteers of all ages, and many families, planting trees and having an unforgettable day. That deserves positive comments! Trees don’t wear political hats!

    • Democrat

      You want positive comments but 1 million quid on trees when they is so much wrong in thanet (trees only planted in margate ! ). Food banks, homelessness etc. Hiw can those little trees cost over 800 quid ?

  3. Trees don’t wear political hats? Tell that to Roger Gale and Ash Ashbee. This is totally political.

    Turner Contemporary was roundly criticised for initially accepting funding from totally inappropriate sources (Stagecoach – which at least was a legitimate business) and ended up doing the right thing and refusing the money.

    This is no different. See also all those businesses and organisations refusing sponsorship from BP and other major polluters and contributers to climate crisis.

    Also,is this really a Thanet initiative? I thought Thanet’s boundaries extended a beyond only Margate?

    • This rather begs the question: Why is Riveroak involving itself in community projects? The DCO examination is over and done. Just waiting for the SoS’s determination (due end of this week).
      So why would RSP be spending £100,000 of money they can scarcely afford on making overtures to the people of Thanet? Are they trying to soften us up for some other reason?
      I think we should be told.

  4. If you allow for the fact that about half that money is “virtual” cost (ie what professional rather than voluntary labour would have cost, then it’s only £500,000.
    Just under £500 per tree.
    Erm: a quick glance on Google shows 3 year old alder saplings, for example, for sale for less than £5.00 each.
    Yep. Seems a bit steep.

  5. 12ft False Acacia for £80 pr 5ft red maple for £35 …..I guess £800 per tree is normal for thanet lol seem alot cheaper on google !!

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