Three month phased closures in Hereson Road due to sewer repair works

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Sewer repair works will mean three months of phased closures in Hereson Road, Ramsgate.

Work by Southern water starts on Monday with completion currently estimated by April 2.

Hereson Road will be closed in sections working northwards from the junction with Thanet Road. All businesses along the road remain open.

Phase A – Hereson Road closed between and including the junctions with Thanet Road and Honeysuckle Road, Dane Park Road and Lilian Road will be closed at the junctions with Hereson Road

Phase B – Hereson Road closed between and including the junctions with Cecilia Road and St George’s Road

Phase C – Hereson Road closed between and including the junctions with St Andrew’s Road and St Patrick’s Road Cornwall Close closed at the junction with Hereson Road

Phase D – Hereson Road closed between and including the junctions with Muir Road and St David’s Road.

The alternative routes for through traffic are:

Light vehicles only via Victoria Road, Bellevue Road, Dumpton Park Drive and Montefiore Avenue Larger vehicles and HGVs etc via A255 Boundary Road, A254 Margate Road, Pysons Road, Bromstone Road and A255 Ramsgate Road.

For roads that are closed at their junctions with Hereson Road, access will continue to be maintained from their alternative junctions.

For those roads that are cul-de-sacs, access will be maintained, but subject to delays.

Personnel will be on site at all times to allow managed access for residents and businesses when it is safe to do so, but there are likely to be delays and times when this is not possible for safety reasons.

Local access to the remainder of A255 Hereson Road continues from either direction up to where the road is actually closed at any time, but there will be no through access during the works. There will be times when the closures are lifted, with traffic controlled by temporary traffic lights.

Due to the nature of the works, it will not be possible to re-open the roads outside the working hours.

Stagecoach will operate a diversion during the closure.

LOOP, 9X, 933, 939 & 946 services will be diverted via Montefiore Avenue, Dumpton Park Drive, Thanet Road and Victoria Parade. There will be no service on Hereson Road, King Street or Plains of Waterloo

All services will pick up/drop off from stops on the diversion route.


  1. The pollution from these re-routings and delays is being inflicted on unclassified roads such as Bellevue. Kent Highways need to deal with this properly. Pollution is unacceptable at the best of times but these areas are not being monitored.

    • What positive solution do you have?
      A short stretch of Hereson needs to be closed to fix the drains: where would you re-route the traffic?

      • Roads that are not “A” or “B” roads. For example, Hereson Road is the “A255”. Minor roads, having no “A” or “B” designation, are “unclassified”.

  2. I still don’t see why Ramsgate Resident mentions this. There won’t be an increase in the actual number of vehicles, after all, so the normal level of pollution will still exist, just be moved to the alternative bus route. (Which is already part of the No. 9 bus route.)

  3. The display signs about the work say eight weeks isn’t that march not April ! Also if we get snow victora road will be pretty dangerous as the diversion route!

    • If we get snow then the Plains of Waterloo (the regular Loop route) would be “pretty dangerous “, too. What’s your point?

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