Tesco Extra shop worker injured during struggle with suspected shoplifter armed with knife

Image Kent Police

A member of staff at Tesco Extra in Westwood suffered face injuries during an assault by a suspected shoplifter on New Year’s Day.

A customer at the scene intervened after seeing two security staff and the shop worker struggling with a man armed with a knife.

The customer said: “Two security staff and another worker from Tesco’s were struggling with a big aggressive bloke who pulled out a knife.

“What shocked me the most was the amount of people who walked past. I jumped in to help drag the bloke off a member of staff and then punched the bloke and when he went to the floor a member of Tesco staff managed to kick the knife out the guy’s hand. This whole incident took about 12 minutes then when I left the car park the guy was restrained.”

Kent Police detained a man who remains in custody.

A police spokesperson said: “Kent Police is investigating a report a suspected shoplifter assaulted a member of staff in Margate Road, Broadstairs, at around 5.55pm on Wednesday, January 1.

“Officers attended the scene and detained a man in his 40s on suspicion of assault, theft and possessing a bladed article. He remains in custody as enquiries continue.

“The victim sustained facial injuries but a weapon is not reported to have been used during the assault.”


  1. This is more serious than just shop lifting! The witness should contact the police, and the police should see if the knife attack was caught on CCTV. Threatening someone with a knife will carry a tougher sentence, as its armed robbery!

      • The shoplifter was still carrying a knife whilst engaged in theft – does it matter whether he injured somebody with it ?

        Is it ok for a bank robber to carry a gun provided he does not actually shoot anyone with it ?

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