Westwood Cross Vue shut ‘due to unforseen circumstances’

Vue at Westwood

Update: December 28, Vue Westwood is still closed

Update: The cinema is again closed (December 27) due to “a building incident.”

Vue at Westwood Cross will be closed all day although the cinema chain has not confirmed the reason other than “due to unforeseen circumstances.”


Customers who have booked tickets for today should have received an email about the closure and with refund details. To call for details about ticket refunds ring 0345 308 4620.


    • Did I say anything about people being ill ? Er no and how rude to call someone commenting a ‘Mong’Do you even understand what a Mong is? probably not! It is described as someone with a learning difficulty. I suppose anyone who is not like you, you call a Mong!

      If you read what I did say properly ‘Not a Mong’ then you would have understood that I had said “not enough staff to open” which could have been for a number of reasons. I was thinking more along the lines of Christmas shifts, which should have been foreseen. Trust someone to come along and insult others.

  1. We booked and paid to see Jumanji on boxing day as a family treat. Only discovered the closure when we saw cinema in darkness with a note on the door! Our grandchildren are so upset! Not good enough Vue!

      • Rentakill vans outside suggest flea infestation as they are pest control not plumbers no burst pipes as it’s been very mild spoke to staff member this morning who was very cagey when I questioned him, he kept to same script word-for-word ‘closed due to unforeseen circumstances ‘ however he did flinch when I mentioned possible infestation ?

    • I mean if you want a face full of water and possibility of being electrocuted seeing as wiring if fried then you can always ring up

  2. How can u forsee a burst water pipe happening unless u got a crystal ball so they will have staff and crews in tonight working hard to get it open for tomorrow

  3. Bit of a coincidence that staner court (I live on the top floor) pip “burst” and now the Vue pip “burst” isn’t it?

  4. Was booked to see Playing with fire at 9.35 am boxing day. No email yet still they have only had 24 hours and they don’t automatically refund you, you have to ring up and it can take up to 10 days. putting a sign on the window to a call center that is shut on Boxing day isn’t customer service. Why not just give everyone their money back why do they have to ring up to get it, it isn’t rocket science they haven’t seen the film you weren’t open customers didn’t see the film VUE get you act together.

  5. Had tickets for star wars on 27th. Email to cancel thursday night! Been trying ever since to get a refund! Phoned twice now each time over ab hour on the phone.aparently they will phone me back to arrange refund which can take up to 5 working days. Why do I have to phone to get my money back!!! Kids were so upset they waited a week to go and see it so we could all go as a family. Terrible customer service and it seems they have a broken pipe for anyone who gives a damn! I just want my £60 back!

  6. Broken pipes, infestation of vermin, will we ever know the truth? maybe they could show The X Files and refund everyone their money while they are at it. They take the payments instantly so why not with refunds? It’s terrible customer service just popping a note on the door.

  7. Bad customer services just leaving a note on the door. How about paying everyone back instantly, like how they paid up front for these films? Vermin or pipes burst and electrical issues. What next – it would be good for customers if they explained what went wrong !

    • In this modern age with many avenues of social media to inform customers of such a closure this is disgraceful. I’ve tried to phone for a refund but got absolutely nowhere with an automated voicemail

  8. am having the same problem getting a refund for the Star Wars film, phoned on 28th and waited for 17 minutes to talk to an unhelpful “operative” who took all the details, phone number etc: but was unable to complete refund as supervisor had to do this, saying i could expect a call back the same or next day. Has been 5 days now, no call back. Tried phoning them this morning and told i was 49th on the list and expect a 40 minute hold…”customer service” should be renamed “customer frustration”

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