Queues from 3.30am for Boxing Day sales at Westwood Cross

Boxing Day sale Photo Westwood Cross

While most of us were tucked up in bed this morning (December 26) some hardy bargain hunters were forming a queue for the Next Boxing Day sale at Westwood Cross.

The first arrivals took up their places from 3.30am. By around 5.30am there were more than 150 people in the queue, many equipped with flasks and extra thick coats and hats to keep warm during the wait. The number swelled to hundreds shortly after with people eager to pick up bargains at stores including M&S, Debenhams and Primark

Francesca Donovan, Centre Manager at Westwood Cross, said: “Every year we welcome more shoppers, all looking for a bargain. Our Winter sale runs throughout January and customers can typically enjoy up to 70% off across various stores in the centre.”

Elsie, Mia and Chip the dog

The first customers in line for the Next Winter Sale included Elsie and Mia McCarthy, accompanied by their grandmother Carol Sloane.

Sevil Perska

Sevil Perska was also one of the first in line for the store’s biggest sale of the year, keeping warm with hot drinks and a blanket.

The centre is open until 5pm on Boxing Day with some individual stores offering extended opening hours.

For more information, visit westwoodx.co.uk


  1. I believe very strongly that stores should NOT be allowed to open on Boxing Day – it’s not fair on the staff – they can’t even get to fully enjoy their Christmas Day. And if stores open on 27th instead of 26th, those same people are still going to be queuing outside and I doubt the one day delay would make much of a difference to the sales figures anyway as the items will simply be sold in subsequent days.

  2. It’s a quite depressing reflection on society today.
    Someone suggested folk must enjoy it otherwise they wouldn’t be there.
    I’d much rather be at home with my family, in the warm and dry, enjoying a cup of tea and the telly.
    Can it really be so vital for people to spend all night queuing for a “bargin”?

  3. I agree with Jan and Andrew’s comments. Staff should be able to have Boxing day off especially as many of them work until late on Christmas Eve. And why anyone would camp out in the early hours in the cold and dark just to get a bargain is beyond me. I’d rather be at home in the warm and forget the bargains…

  4. I think we should let people live as they choose without judging. At least they aren’t killing each other. People queue at Wimbledon all night to watch folk whack a ball over a net whilst eating expensive strawberries. Lets not start the New Year by griping about about other people.

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