Upton pupils experience tastes from around the world at International Food Day

International Food Day at Upton

Tasty treats from around the world were on the menu at Upton Junior School in Broadstairs.

Year 6 pupils hosted a special event to celebrate their own international food day and invited parents in to enjoy their culinary creations.

Working with Kate Leese from Dane Court Grammar, the children explored a range of recipes from around the globe as part of their World About Us topic in Design and Technology.

They focussed mainly on learning how to prepare and cook a variety of predominantly savoury dishes safely and hygienically. They also learnt a range of skills and techniques including peeling, chopping, slicing, grating and mixing, and measuring food amounts accurately.

The progression in Year 6 D&T shows children using heat sources and it illustrates how they have moved on with their skills from sandwich making in Year 3 and bread making in Year 5 to some more difficult recipes that require a range of developed skills.

Each class had a selected country to choose their dish from –  6Y made Chinese spring rolls, 6R created Spanish tortillas and alcohol-free Sangria), 6G made German frankfurters in pastry; and 6B made mini Italian pizzas.

Athanasia Papa-Adams, Head of Year 6, said: “The culmination of our international food day was welcoming parents in to enjoy the dishes and look at the research work that our children had done on the topic.

“It was a wonderful event that saw all children getting involved with this hands-on learning experience.

“They not only explored the culture of the country they were studying but added useful life skills too. It was great to see them working together to support one another.

“The food tasted delicious and I wonder if we may have the next Master Chef amongst our Year 6 cooks.”