Sacketts Gap ‘boathouse’ destroyed by high winds

The building collapsed today Photo Frank Leppard

High winds today (December 9) have destroyed the Sacketts Gap ‘garage’ in Margate.

The structure, known as the boathouse, has completely collapsed with just the Kent Peg roof almost intact.

The Palm Bay building, and land it stands on, were listed on Friday as one of the properties Thanet council proposes to sell off.

It is understood it may remain on the asset list but purely as land rather than the building. A decision on whether to keep it on the list is expected soon.

The asset disposal document, which Thanet council Cabinet members will discuss on December 16, says : “Garage in poor condition after suffering continuous vandalism and arson in recent years.

Image Oast House Archive

“Let out historically but vacant for the past couple of years. Due to its poor condition no further interested tenants have been found. The structure requires significant repair works. No income generated.”

The structure had a large hole in it and it is believed several people living on the street would sometimes use it for shelter.

A Thanet council spokesperson confirmed the collapse was due to high winds and the site has been secured. Further comment will be issued shortly.

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