Sand used to fill in area under Margate Main Sands walkway due to ‘anti-social behaviour reports’

Filled in Photo John Horton

Sand has been used to fill in an area on Margate beach used by rough sleepers.

The area by the slope access at the Nayland toilets was blocked off last week. The Victorian shelter in Marine Drive has also be cleaned of graffiti, thought to be part of the clean up aead of tonight’s Turner Prize ceremony.

A Thanet council spokesperson said: “The council has moved sand to prevent access to under the walkway on Margate Main Sands.This is as a result of anti-social behaviour reports, which included drug paraphernalia being left on the beach.

Photo John Horton

“This area has also been a place where rough sleepers have bedded down during the warmer months. There are health and safety concerns associated with this due to rising high tides. As the Thanet Winter Shelter is now open until the end of March, the spot attracts significantly fewer rough sleepers.

“The Thanet Winter Shelter provides rough sleepers with a warm bed, food and support to a number of other services, including the multi-agency Rise team.”

Photo John Horton

Thanet council activated its Severe Weather Emergency protocol (SWEP) yesterday due to overnight temperatures of below zero forecast for three nights.

The action is triggered when the night time temperature is predicted to be zero degrees Celsius or below for three consecutive nights.

Photo John Horton

When the protocol is triggered, the council provide emergency accommodation for any person sleeping rough in the district so that it can prevent unnecessary deaths during the cold snap.

SWEP should be implemented on the first night of the severe weather forecast and means the authority will work in partnership with the voluntary sector, using homelessness grants and council funds to ensure  rough sleepers are provided with shelter.

Get help

Contact RISE on 01843 577277 – or 01843 577 000 in an emergency out of hours – or click here for more details

Drop ins:

Wednesday 9.30am-12pm Margate Gateway

Tuesday 2pm-4pm GAP Baptist Church, Broadstairs

Email: [email protected]


  1. Well done,after all, we don’t want visitors to see what we have to live with every day. Bloody cheek. How much did that cost me? How many teachers has your kids school lost this year? How many kids have had little or no food on a regular basis? Dont know? That’s just what the tories want. The people of Thanet will be the most ignorant lot if you even think about voting Conservative next week.

    • Have to agree. Here’s an idea Thanet Council, why not keep the whole of Thanet clean the year round and not just when you are expecting visitors.

      Just goes to show the council are embarrassed about the state they leave the place in, but can only be bothered to clean it when some so called important people come to visit.

      As a side note, I see the travellers are back at Ramsgate port. Young children racing around on quad bikes there this afternoon with no regard for anyone walking or traffic!

  2. The col has always put sand barriers right across the beach during the off season and wintermonths to prevent flooding.Health & safety is important.The photos of the shelter looks like old photos.

  3. Turner Centre what a joke, never wanted, not needed yet so much money spent on let’s face it… Its not art, 5 year olds can do better, Thanet council and kcc shame on you, the rest of Thanet suffers, and how you justify blaming homeless, drug users for the mess that the council are responsible for all so the rich arty fatty can enjoy a single building, that money could have done so much more for so many. Thanet is so much more than turner, turner was an artist, its a insult to use his name to promote such rubbish shown in the building.

    • What a silly ignorant comment. There have been plenty of studies which have shown that the Turner has generated an immense social and economic value return for Margate, which has vastly exceeded the initial investment. Of course the importance of the Gallery and its various programmes go far beyond the exhibitions and the event which take place at the venue itself. maybe you should inform yourself better

    • The money that came from europe could only be used for an arts based project, arguably local and county council money could have been used elsewhere. I don’t for one moment believe the visitor numbers , they’re based on sensors measuring those going in and out, surely far better to have an idea of how many visitors come from outside the area, how many are locals killing time etc etc.
      Plus it already has its hand out for more cash, are there any figures on how much the place costs to run, how much revenue it generates and who pays for any shortfall ( if there is one)?

    • Obviously someone who doesn’t appreciate the arts scene and hadn’t noticed the natural regeneration and income generated from the turner throughout Thanet

  4. The DFLs, gentrification, artists move in, then move on. Their delicate sensibilities will not allow themselves to be affected by real people. They are celebrities don’t you know. Sure their ‘work’s will probably pay lip service to left wing politics. But Margate wants these people. Hide the poor. I studied art by the way.

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