Unearth the Unreal to open at Marine Studios in Margate

Uearth the Unreal at Marine Studios

When students from the Royal College of Art visited Margate design company HKD, the conversation took an unlikely turn – and the result is a new exhibition.

Discussing HKD’s recently completed refurbishment of the Hong Kong Space Museum, one of the Margate-based design team pointed out that most aliens on film and TV are basically human in form. But what if they have whole different ways of seeing, hearing, and experiencing the universe?

So, for one-day exhibition titled ‘Unearth the Unreal’ the RCA Masters students from the Digital Direction course have looked at how we see and experience the world and how ways of seeing leave us susceptible to illusions. Students worked on their ideas before returning to Margate to test them, presenting them to tutor Dr Carol MacGillivray, HKD director Kate Kneale, artist Dan Thompson and Conor Sansby, a Margate resident studying with Open School East.

Their refined ideas will form the basis of an exhibition which fuses digital projection, sound, sculpture and performance.  There will be four interactive, mixed-media installations.

‘Unearth the Unreal’ will take place from.6.30pm-8.30pm on Thursday ( November 28), at Marine Studios, 17 Albert Terrace, Margate. Admission is free,