New Ramsgate houses being built in £2.5m affordable homes project

New homes build in Thanet

New properties are being built at a derelict site in Ramsgate as part of a £2.5 million redevelopment project to create affordable homes.

Work is well underway in Chichester Road, where old garages are being turned into two two-bed houses and one two bed bungalow.

Eleven other homes – two in Clements Road and nine in Lancaster Close and Kingston Close in Ramsgate – will also be built on empty sites which have become eyesores due to vandalism and fly-tipping.

Work is underway in Chichester Road in Ramsgate to build new affordable homes

The developments form part of phase two of Thanet council’s new build programme, which involves building on brownfield sites to create new social housing.

The scheme won funding from the Homes and Communities Agency to go towards 51 new homes across Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate.


  1. They are cramming them in all over the place. All the extra people but nowhere extra to park. These old garages could have formed some car parking spaces or green places for families to use.

    • I think it’s far more important to have somewhere for people to live than space for cars to park.
      Anyway, what with global warming, cars are so passe.

      • Yes – excellent idea – lets return to the good old days of the back-to-back Victorian tenement buildings . . .

        The more housing we build, the more we can encourage the current population to continue breeding whilst simultaneously providing accommodation for the dozens of immigrants who arrive by boat and trailer every day . . .

  2. Perhaps it would be better if TDC/EKH made sure their existing homes were well maintained and safe rather rather than do minimal maintenance and fire safety works in order to raise the cash to build houses, ( the tdc part of the cost, i realise money also came from other sources)

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