Southern Water on site of burst sewer in Cliffsend

Southern Water are on site at Cliffsend

Southern Water teams are responding to a sewer pipe burst today (November 6) on Sandwich Road, Cliffsend. The sewer leads to the Military Road pumping station.

The team is liaising with the Environment Agency to assess if any environmental damage was caused in the initial burst. Mitigation measures have been put in place and tankers are being used to help manage flows while repairs are made.

Southern Water incident manager Peter Stakim said: “We apologise for any disruption the tankers cause.

“More than £30 million has been spent on renovating Thanet’s sewers in the last five years and the section which has burst is also due for replacement. In light of this incident we will be assessing to see how work on a permanent replacement can be brought forward.

“We’d like to thank residents for the friendly and patient reception they’ve given to our teams. The team will be manning our incident van parked between the Viking ship and the café on Sandwich Road  this afternoon to answer any questions from locals.”

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  1. Perhaps the shareholders would like to contribute their profits to completing the work thst should have been done years ago.

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