Powerful documentary on men’s mental health and suicide risks to be screened in Ramsgate

Documentary Steve is being screened in Thanet

A free film screening  of a documentary aimed at raising awareness of men’s mental health and looking at how to combat the growing number of males sadly taking their lives will be screened in Ramsgate this month.

Steve is a 45 minute documentary by Bristol filmmaker ben Akers whose best friend Steve Yates took his life in 2014 at the age of 38.

The film looks at the impact modern living has on men today and how the pressures of being the perfect father, the perfect husband, having the perfect job, providing the perfect house and car, can be unattainable.

But it also looks at the solutions, talking to friends and family of Steve, looking at the warning signs and speaking with psychiatrists and psychologists on how and why mental illness and depression is affecting men.

Charities CALM, Movember and Mind also contribute.

On average 12 men a day take their lives in UK. It’s the biggest killer of men under 45.

In Thanet the recent deaths of three young men prompted a campaign which has resulted in steps to open a crisis café and pledged improvements in services.

Chat benches have also been installed by Ramsgate’s Winterstoke Gardens.

Steve will be screened on Thursday, November 21 at The Royal Harbour Academy, Stirling Way, Ramsgate at 7pm.

A screening is also being arranged to take place in December at Margate Football Club.

More details of the film can be found here.

Getting help

This year Broadstairs dad Mark Greening set up Thanet’s Man Club.

The group meets at Garlinge Methodist Church hall every Monday from 8pm and gives the opportunity for men to talk about everything from finances to relationships.

Man Club has been joined by the Strong Girl Club which meets at the Blue Wave complex, Victoria Road, Margate, Wednesdays at 7.30pm

Samaritans call 116 123

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  1. Sadly, the paragraph mentioning men wanting to be the perfect father, husband,, having the perfect job to,provide the perfect house and car are mainly unattainable.The lack of opportunity to get a well paid regular job together with lack of affordable housing makes most mens ambitions.
    Did you read the article about the delivery driver working 18 hours for a net £40 a day. Do the maths. I was lucky enough to have been born before the money men and consecutive Tory governments did everything they could to reduce those opportunities that are mentioned in the article.
    This country now needs a massive readjustment in the economy to level the playing field. By the way, I should be a Tory voter, I’m relatively comfortable financially, own my property, have a nice car, but I’ve seen how the Conservative party historically have dealt with the economy. For the few not the many, should be their slogan. We now have more billionaires, more food banks, more homeless, more zero hour jobs than ever before. Do the math. Vote Labour.

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