Margate Library closed last weekend ‘on police advice’

A man threatened Gateway staff

Margate Library was closed on Saturday following a disturbance and threats to Thanet Gateway staff earlier in the week.

Kent Police was called at 2.54pm on Thursday (October 24) to a disturbance where a man is reported to have caused criminal damage to a computer and made threats to a member of council staff.

Enquiries to establish the full circumstances are ongoing.

The library, which also houses the district council Gateway service, remained shut on Saturday following police advice. It is understood police were still attempting to track the man down.

A Kent County Council spokesman said: “We shut the library slightly earier on Thursday and Friday and, on police advice, did not open on Saturday.”


  1. Anybody who came to my advice surgery on Saturday please contact me to arrange a one to one meeting otherwise see you on the last Saturday of November,please note if we are middle of general election I am not allowed to hold meetings due to purdah ruled

  2. Another sad reflection on society that TDC and KCC services have to be withdrawn from Thanet residents due to threats made to staff by one individual.

    If the individual is such a danger to the public then he or she clearly needs to be removed from the streets for a very long time.

  3. 100% your staff come first. There is no doubt some members of the public are getting more aggressive towards council workers

    • Good grief! It’s a library, not a nightclub! Perhaps a library should just be a library. What is the council Gateway service?

  4. I requested to kcc that we need security staff in the building last year but was told it was not needed!!!

    • What I case someone nicks a book
      Library should not be shared
      Kick out TDC and Barry find elsewhere simple.
      Who was kicking off was it for tdc or your surgery
      Libraries are quiet places
      Not when it’s shared for council tax purposes
      Or other disputes
      Hardly inviting with local drunks outside… ?

  5. Not needed by the bean counters in Maidstone. They never use these facilities. Please note that Barry Lewis was keen to update his constituents about the situation. Wouldn’t have had this from the other clowns. They’re either playing golf or have their snouts in some donors trough. Well done Barry, you are the epitome of what Labour councillors used to represent.

    • Probably the leader shouting he can’t launder his money in offshore leaks arrowgrass services or mintal… Cause the fraud squad on him

  6. Why ask KCC? I thought it was a TDC owned building with a bunch of TDC staff working in there. If KCC don’t want to help then surely TDC have a legal duty of care to their own staff working in there?

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