Man suffers head injury during Harbour Street ‘disturbance’

Police taped off The Daily Grind cafe

One person has been taken to hospital with a head injury following a disturbance in Ramsgate during the early hours of this morning (October 25).

A witness reports seeing a 40-strong group trying to break into the Surin restaurant, which recently opened under new management.

Police have also taped off The Daily Grind cafe, which shut down around a month ago. Trading Standards officers were also seen at the cafe although this is understood to be unrelated to the police incident.

The witness said a man was also assaulted, receiving a head injury. The assault took place outside The Daily Grind.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at 3.14am following reports of a disturbance.

“One person was taken to a local hospital with a head injury.  No arrests have yet been made but enquiries are ongoing.”


  1. Lawless Thanet once again at its worst..
    Drug dealers are rampant, violent crime is at shocking levels and criminals are allowed to continue their crimes with zero police presence or enforcement. Keeping criminals in the community is not the way to make Thanet safe. Lock these thugs up and disrupt their criminal drug dealing.

    • catching the drug dealers
      half of them come from london
      I did used to know a couple of people who sold weed but most of thanet smokes the shite
      stop the dealers from london coming here using gang culture to sell the drugs on and making kids exploited is another thing that needs to be acted on

      talk is cheap in thanet
      action speaks louder than words

  2. Err… “A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at 3.14am following reports of a disturbance”
    “No arrests have yet been made but enquiries are ongoing”
    You did a actually read the piece?
    The police were called. They came

    • Thanet’s police are reactive not proactive.
      When was the last time you saw a drug or alcohol unit checking for drivers under the influence ? ( driving while drugged up is a major issue in Thanet) , how many drug dealers are active in thanet because the Thanet’s police no longer see drug dealing as a priority ? ask local shop keepers how the lack of a police presence has made shoplifting skyrocket, when was the last time you saw a policeman tackling the rampant antisocial behaviour Thanet residents have to suffer daily? Had your car broken into recently, did any police actually attend or did you just get a crime number ? Impressed by the broken glass and rubbish on our pavements and roads caused by feral kids, do you find the explosion of graffiti and tagging in Thanet acceptable?
      The police need to buck their ideas up and realise that the crimes they now ignore and class as low priorities ( drug dealing, car crime, antisocial behaviour, shoplifting, drunk and disorderly etc) are gateway crimes. When people stop getting punished for low priority crimes they move on to more serious crimes.
      These so called low priority crimes that the police have no intention of tackling are causing stress and difficulties for those affected.
      Yes the police have a difficult job but they are also their own worst enemy when they fail to tackle crimes that are affecting people’s lives and livelihoods. Is Thanet lawless? Of course not but if the lackadaisical approach to low level crimes continues it soon will be.

  3. There were supposed talks about this night time economy behaviour in the Harbour area of Ramsgate early this year with police, shop owners and councillors. The task was to ‘look into it’ with the outcome of a plan to lower the incidents of crime there. All that was was a time-wasting excuse. The comments about looking into it was to fool the press, business owners and residents locally but all that happened was time wasted while Thanet waits for some non-existent plan to emerge. Time after time we hear the authorities mutter those words but nothing happens to alleviate the problems, they just continue unabated. It’s the same with most things in Thanet. “Words are cheap, actions speak louder”. Close those night time premises which are breeding the violence and criminality in Thanet or have them pay for security through the night in the local area so to deal with all this craziness. Why just allow them to throw trouble-makers and drunks out onto the streets for the local community to deal with?

  4. Must be a coincidence that things happen in the same part of Ramsgate at the same time in the morning as a certain pub closes at 2am.
    As for drug dealing from the other comments, I see it all the time. Young kids on mopeds doing the rounds with not a care in the world. What a sad situation, when I was a kid and needed money I got a paper round.

  5. Dear Concerned, the reason that the police and reactive rather than proactive is because they are starved of resources. Blame austerity cuts and recent proposed ‘extra’ money will not even cover the cost of those. Sad times

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