Brexit Party General Election candidates head to Thanet

Brexit Party candidates coming to Thanet

The Brexit Party Parliamentary hopefuls for South and North Thanet will be among six party members from East Kent speaking at the Walpole Bay Hotel tomorrow (October 25).

They will be joined by MEP Ben Habib.

The meet the candidates event will be for:

John Fitzpatrick (North Thanet) is an emeritus professor of law in the University of Kent, a leftist and a lifelong trade union activist. He said: “The continuing failure to implement the 2016 Referendum is the single most destructive development in domestic politics in modern times. We need to Leave the EU, and rebuild our democracy.”

Timothy Vince (South Thanet) has extensive commercial and charity management experience in the UK and the Middle East, has two children studying at UCL, and served as chair of school governors for SEN children. He said: “The EU has assumed unaccountable powers without mandate. We must restore trust in politics; we must leave the EU.”

Andrea Cooke (Ashford) is a healthcare professional in the NHS, specialising in practice education for operating theatres, mother of two and animal lover.

Owen Prew (Canterbury), is a University of Oxford law graduate, and committed outdoor enthusiast.

Evie Martin (Sittingbourne and Sheppey) is a small business owner and working Mum

Tania Jackson (Gillingham and Rainham) has a degree in Environmental Biology from the University of Liverpool, and has two children. She has worked on a zero hours contract in fruit packing, been a care home manager, and is now an English teacher, including voluntarily with refugees.

The event is free, but donations towards room hire / costs on the night are welcome.

The event takes place between 7pm and 9pm. Find the ticket link here 

Isle MPs Craig Mackinlay (South Thanet) and Sir Roger Gale (North Thanet) will stand for the Conservative Party.

Find the Thanet Green Party candidates here

Labour’s hustings meeting will be on Sunday, October 27 at the Queens Road, Baptist Church, 2 Queens Road, Broadstairs. All fully paid up members of six month standing or longer are entitled to attend and vote.

The shortlisted candidates are Karen Constantine, Raushan Ara, Rebecca Gordon Nesbitt and Dan Tomlinson.

Angie Curwen is the North Thanet Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Liberal Democrats.

A General Election is next scheduled for May 2022 but disruptions due to Brexit could see a snap election called as early as this year.


  1. What’s the point of the Brexit party? Once we’ve left the EU (likely to happen in the next few weeks) they will no longer have a raison d’etre.
    In any case, I wouldn’t vote for any candidate that supported such a fantastical view of an England that doesn’t, and never has existed, other than on Rupert Bear land and other pages of the Daily Express

  2. Vote Conservative Vote Labour Vote LibDems Vote Greens by all means, but who in their right mind and I emphasise right mind would waste a vote on the so-called Brexit party. More like the wreaksit party. Nigel Farage acts like the pied piper and we all know where his followers ended up.

    • The most interesting aspect of this article is not the Brexit Party but the Labour Party selection this coming Sunday! Forgive me but was not Rebecca Gordon Nesbitt democratically chosen by local Party members as the candidate in April 2018, she was then I understand suspended as the candidate by the national Labour Party over complaints and was subsequently cleared by Labours National Constitutional Committee however Labour’s NEC failed to endorse her as the candidate for South Thanet. I am probably being cynical but if she wins this Sunday what does the NEC do then? Maybe this will be hypothetical because I’m sure another candidate who was favourite in the first selection process will with the backing of Jezza, certain Unions and Momentum and co will win on this occasion.

      • You’ve gone way off topic. Also she wasn’t ever suspended. She was investiagted and then cleared after a nasty blogger published false info about her. Get your facts straight.

        • Apologies I will check my facts fully before subjecting myself to your scrutiny! As you are obviously so well informed maybe you would like to explain why there is a further selection meeting on Sunday as surely Ms Gordon Nesbitt is already the candidate? Finally it would be nice if you did not hide behind a pseudonym.

    • Cllr Barry Lewis – that is patently and most obviously not true. The public want better of their councillors than throw away cheap baseless comments. That may be fine for the old broken politics, but the public demand more nowadays. And that’s for the good! Scrutiny has never been greater.

  3. “Brexit Party General Election candidates head to Thanet”
    This piece is definitely about the Brexit party, such as it is.

  4. Yep, here we go again, poor old Thanet ,the dumping ground for most of Londons low-life followed by the same quality would be politicians.
    So when the country finally wakes up from their intoxicated dream – world, otherwise known as Brexit, where will these odd balls go. Back to their grubby little bolt holes never to be seen again hopefully.
    Rest assured, if the Tories think Brexits a good idea it won’t be for most of the country, just the hedge fund managers who have had a great time with this lot in power.
    Time to be rid of them and get some justice for the underprivileged and poorer people in the UK. Can’t wait!

    • Oh come on! Hardly “most” of London’s low life! They’ve got so many that they wouldn’t fit on this fair isle of Thanet.
      Surely it’s the case that London has only sent a few 10,000’s of its low life to us?

  5. Old politics is breaking apart. The public is crying out for an election and yet it is being thwarted by cowards in parliament afraid of losing their seats, through turning their backs on the people. Oh the irony. The term ‘a people’s vote’ is just political framing and snake oil words as we have already had a vote to leave the EU. If we are to change society and move forward, we need to engage, listen, debate, take part, use respect and look at things honestly, without cheap soundbites and smears. Be brave and sit down with each other. Not throw’ jibes from the side lines. The Brexit party candidates here are very interesting – with a proven track record working in human rights and social justice, in education and the NHS, with refugees etc. There will most certainly be a place for new parties and MPs in the coming years, as the old system is so obviously broken. Let’s listen and engage with all sides to actually learn. There is no public weariness with it all at the moment believe me. There is a huge appetite for change and debate on what democracy really means. You have to listen to all sides to see this – not in a narrow little echo chamber.

    • I thought the Brexit candidates had interesting profiles too….I’d die in a ditch before I vote Labour! ; – )

  6. Wow, old democrat must have swallowed a thesaurus. What a pile of tosh, what this country needs is a time of readjustment in the economy. That won’t happen under the Tories..that’s it. Therefore under our current options only Labour would get my support. Democrat might have time to wait for some utopia never to arrive, I’m afraid most of us need rid of this toxic Tory government,born out of Thatcherism. Still cant wait!

  7. From what it looks like, and its not clear, none of the Brexit candidates actually live in Thanet! Brexit is a one trick pony, apart from leaving the EU they don’t have any policies I am aware of for running the country, if by some act of God they actually won an election! I have never once heard a single good reason why GB should leave the EU, other than the parroting of “Get back control” from the headlines of the Daily Mail, The Daily Express, or the Sun!

    I am not a member of any political party, but what Thanet needs is an MP who lives in Thanet, Like Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt, and unlike our two MP’s neither of whom live here, Duurh!

  8. Spot on Dumpton. The whole Brexit saga has been nothing more than a smokescreen to avoid public outrage at the austerity brought about by this right wing government. Its time to get back to the way this lot have stripped our public services, reduced the police numbers, and deprived our NHS of investment for almost 10 years. Brexit was nothing more than the conservatives arguing with each other while the country went to the dogs. History will tell you this has been a tactic the tories have used before. It’s called devide and rule, A perfect slogan for these horrors. Thatcher did it by pitching the public against the miners in the 80s. Seen it all before!

  9. Labour’s National Executive Committee today endorsed Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt as the party’s candidate for South Thanet

  10. Whats the point they wanted us out of EU they got what they wanted were going out so what’s the point of them knocking on doors go away and take Farage with you to a place called the rubbish dump

    • It’s called democracy – for a variety of candidates to stand and make their case. North Thanet Brexit Party candidate Professor John Fitzpatrick OBE is giving a lecture on democracy and the law this coming Thurs at the University of Kent in Canterbury. A lot of people are becoming astute political observers – they won’t go away – and they don’t all live in a sad negative world of rubbish dumps! I’m happy to listen to all sides and make my choice. Happy for all parties to campaign. And anger not good for your blood pressure either.

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