Birchington pupils explore the Great Fire of London and receive firefighters visit

Margate firefighters visited pupils

Throughout the term, Year 2 pupils at Birchington CE Primary School have been learning about the Great Fire of London.

They began the term with a drama workshop from KIC theatre and acted out the events of the fire, from the maid sweeping up in Thomas Farriner’s bakery to the teams of people trying to put the blaze out using leather buckets and water from the Thames.

Using the book Vlad and the Great Fire of London by Kate Cunningham, the children have learnt about how the fire spread, how the people of London tried to put it out and about Samuel Pepys burying cheese to keep it safe!

On Wednesday, October 16, the children were visited by Margate Kent Fire and Rescue Service who talked about how firefighters work to keep everyone safe. The children found out about the protective clothing that firefighters need as well as all of the equipment on the fire engine.

The pupils were able to climb into the back of the fire engine as well as hold some of the heavy equipment that firefighters have to carry around.

The morning was inspiring for the youngsters with one saying: “I want to be a firefighter now because it is such an important job. You have to save people.”