Unparallel Careers! Bowie & Me – tale of Margate, music and beyond launches in Minster

Stephen Wyatt-Gold will also be signing copies of his book Unparallel Careers! – Bowie & Me. 

A memoir of a music career which began in Margate in the early 1960s will be launched tomorrow (October 8) at an event in Minster.

During the event, at the Minster Holiday Inn, Stephen Wyatt-Gold will also be signing copies of his book Unparallel Careers! – Bowie & Me.

Stephen’s career began in Margate as a founder member of  local group The Lower Third in early 1962.  The band only lasted until 1966 but over its fairly short existence the members played local halls, London clubs and national tour venues.

During that five years the line-up got through four drummers, three bass players, two guitarists, one pianist and four singers. Out of all those that, at various times, contributed to the fun only two went on to spend the rest of their lives in music and show business.

The first to strike out from the group was Margate born Robin Wyatt (later Stephen Gold and later still Stephen Wyatt-Gold) and the second was David Jones (soon to be David Bowie).

The Orchid Room in Cliftonville circa 1962

The book is the story of the first, an ambitious showbiz journeyman, set against the rise and rise of the second who has a story already well documented in numerous works of literature.

From those heady days of the early 60s until the arrival of the new century their career paths could not have become more diverse. Success came early to David Robert Jones and was followed by a rollercoaster ride through drugs, a failed marriage and, at times, unremarkable record releases but he was always near the crest of the loop.

For former Chatham House grmmar pupil Robin success was more illusive and the rollercoaster ride was long and sometimes stuck at the bottom of the dip. Guitarist, singer, songwriter, cowboy, agent, producer, restaurateur, scriptwriter, theatre manager and even a bear. It is a fascinating journey of the man who also owned the El Ranchero coffee shops in High Street, Margate in the 1970s and had a house in the town until the early 80s

The book is a personal memoir covering four decades of life in the entertainment industry starting with the excitement of the 60s ‘London scene’ and then to luxury on board the world’s most famous cruise liner.

It covers Arabian nights, African safaris, romance, relationships, military manoeuvres and several world tours. Sharing a stage with Morecambe and Wise, drooling over Susan George and seeing in the New Year with Ronnie Corbett. It ends at the turn of the 21st Century when Robin retreated to France.

The last line-up before Bowie with Stephen on vocals (1965).

The memoir takes a sometimes ‘tongue in cheek’ look at how two careers started from the same place and, over time, diverged spectacularly. It details the ‘rise’ of Robb Wyatt while the world witnessed ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust’.

A decade later Robb Wyatt became Stephen Gold and experienced success as a writer and producer of spectacular action shows in international theme parks and arenas. Bowie recovered from his addictions and went on to do his best work in the 80s while Stephen Gold was meeting an altogether different Ziggy in Africa, sharing time with Popeye & Olive Oyl in Dubai, and travelling to Hawaii with Billy Paul.

The Unparallel Careers! – Bowie & Me e-book is available now from Amazon and the paperback will be available from Amazon and other book stores from tomorrow.

The book launch tomorrow starts at 6pm. At least three other former band members are expected to attend, bringing them together for the first time in more than 50 years.