Newington Primary donates bumper food parcel to Ramsgate Salvation Army

Harvest donations at Newington

The plight of the homeless and providing much-needed food for those facing hard times was the central theme of the annual harvest festival at Newington Community Primary School.

Children, their families and staff donated a bumper crop of tinned and packet foodstuffs that will be handed out to people in need by Ramsgate Salvation Army.

Giving thanks for the bountiful harvest, the children sang a number of seasonal celebration songs including Another Year’s Harvest Is Here Again, See The Farmer, and Cauliflowers Fluffy.

Deputy Head Teacher Rebecca Heaton told the children: “We are so lucky to have food to eat and a safe place to sleep every day – but there are people all around the world and within our own community who do not have such a good harvest or cannot afford to buy food. Harvest Festival is our school’s chance to give something back to our community and to help others.”

Carl Whitewood from Ramsgate Salvation Army received the donations. He said: “This food will help so many people and we thank you for being so generous.

“People who sleep rough without a bed often do not choose to be like that but often don’t have any choice but to be on the streets feeling scared and lost.

“Sometimes families need food but are too proud or embarrassed to ask for help. We run drop-in sessions on Tuesday and Fridays at our centre in the High Street and we also provide breakfast in the morning from 6.30am for those who have been on the streets.

“The work that Newington School does each year at Harvest Festival is extremely generous and vital in helping others who are less fortunate than many of us.”

Head Teacher Cliff Stokes added: “Our pupils and families always dig deep when it comes to helping others particularly when the economic situation makes life hard for most people.

“Our harvest festival gifts and celebration were a perfect way for the whole school community to unite and celebrate how fortunate we are in life. It was a wonderful event.”

For more Ramsgate Salvation Army information, contact 07900 49 73 26 or 01843 589820.

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  1. Well done to all the teachers and pupils who have helped in this project I wonder if all the schools are open to doing the same as this is something really useful at this time of the year when homeless people are in more need of a assistance as the seasons change and gets colder. You should all be proud of yourself.

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