Chilton primary house captains take on first public duty

The Chilton house captains

Newly elected house captains are looking forward to their important roles at Chilton Primary School in Ramsgate.

The team was elected by classmates and staff in the first few weeks of the new school year, and they have already performed their first public function.

They greeted and accompanied a group of former pupils who were at Chilton when it opened in the mid-1970s and escorted them around the building and grounds.

The eight-strong Year 6 group includes a girl and boy representative from each of the four houses – Normans (green); Saxons (yellow); Romans (red); and Vikings (blue).

Their duties range from collecting and giving out house points for good work and good behaviour to hosting assembling. They will be on hand at public events to represent the school.

As role models for the other pupils, the house captains will also ensure that children’s suggestions, ideas and concerns are heard through regular discussions with staff.

Macie said: “We all want to do our best to help the other pupils and the staff. We have lots of work to do and we are all looking forward to it.”

Macie is joined in the team by Thay, Will, Rose, Bella, Leo, Imogen and Matthew.

Head of School Kate Law said: “These are pivotal roles for our house captains. They are a responsible team who will embrace the challenge and contribute greatly to the ongoing smooth-running of our school. We are looking forward to working with them as our senior pupil team.”