Ramsgate Micro Museum owners forced to shut down The Games Gallery due to costs

Games at the Micro Museum

The owners of Ramsgate’s Micro Museum in Church Hill in Ramsgate have been forced to close down The Games Gallery due to costs.

Retired couple Mike and Carol Deer, who fund their independent Museum of Vintage Computers and Videogames themselves, have been forced to close the branch, also in Church Hill, which was opened at Easter this year, because they were unable to keep up with the cost of keeping the second building open.

Carol said: “It is with sadness that we have to announce that The Games Gallery has now closed. The business rates on the second building -which, as an additional space, does not qualify for small business relief- along with the high insurance and other costs, have proved too much for us to continue.

“Our museum is very much a labour of love and a means of sharing our knowledge and collection with the people of Thanet and the visitors to the Isle and, as such, we do not expect to – or make – any profits.  This is the reason we have consistently kept our admission prices as low as possible, so that no-one is denied the opportunity to discover the important history behind our modern digital world and enjoy our collection and games.

“We do not want to increase entry charges simply in order to cover the cost of keeping the second building open to the public.

“But play will not be ending at The Micro Museum.  When we re-open to the public on  October 5 after our September break, visitors will find all their favourite games back inside the museum”.

The quirky museum in Church Hill is Kent’s only computer museum. Now in its sixth year the site, # is dedicated to the history of computing and how the digital world began.

It holds a unique private collection of vintage home computers, games, toys and more, including devices from the early 20th to the 21st centuries along with history beginning with the time when man found a way to count.

The museum offers fun, history quizzes and gaming on classic computers.

Find the website here


  1. Real shame, was good the games had been separated from the museum but more of a shame the council didn’t want to support something local.

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