Feelgoodmotherhood shop and family hub opens in Minnis Bay

Kirsty putting in the work to get the new shop and hub ready

Boutique baby items, handmade gifts, baby massage and dance classes are just a few of the things on offer at a new ‘hub for parents’ in Birchington.

Feelgoodmotherhood opened in Minnis Bay Road on Monday and has a unique blend of classes, goods for sale and activities aimed at families.

The business is the creation of mum-of-two Kirsty Verier-Cordery who has taken the plunge into self-employment after a decade as a Kent Police officer.

The 37-year-old, who spent seven years working in the Force’s child protection unit, said: “I loved my job however I wanted more time with my young family and began teaching baby classes whilst off and fell in love with the work.

“Taking the leap into self-employment has been scary as I know I will now be without sick pay, pension, holiday entitlement to name but a few securities and my new role demands creativity, however I love a challenge and plan to capture the hearts of all locals.”

Feelgoodmotherhood combines a shop with activities such as children’s music lessons and dance classes as well as baby massage classes, toddler messy play and more.

The aim is also to sub-let so that other child focused groups can offer goods and services, with children’s yoga and laughter lessons from Well-being Warriors already onboard, and there are plans for a children’s art gallery.

Kirsty said: “I felt there was not enough in Thanet for parents and so want the shop to be a hub for them, and visiting families, with lots of events and activities, stay and play and coffee mornings for mums and dads.

“I have had a challenge setting up the shop as a change of use application was required and the council demanded soundproofing as there is a residential flat above the premises. Works have been costly and technically difficult but we got there.”

Kirsty, whose little ones are eight and two years old, says plans for the future include opening a second venue in two to three years time.

To find out more call 07707 801109 or find the Feelgoodmotherhood group on facebook here

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  1. Fantastic! I’ve been to Kirsty’s baby massage and Walkers & talkers classes and I always have a great time with my little boy. Kirsty is the warmest and loveliest person and she’s superb with kids. If you’re on the fence, get off it and support a local family instead of a big company 😉

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