Police called to car and lorry crash in Ramsgate

Police at the scene Photo Lucy Stillman

Traffic experienced hold ups at the Lord of the Manor roundabout in Ramsgate this morning following a crash between a car and a lorry.

Kent Police received a report of the collision at 11.40am.

Officers attended the scene. No injuries were reported.


  1. Not news the driving in thanet is shocking with the latest crazy of turning right at roundabouts from the left lane. I drive alot and only see this in thanet. Sevenscore roundabout coming from sandwich is popular for this, drivers in the turn left or straight on lane choosing to go right. And they tend to be very abusive and aggressive if you pip your horn lol

    • Confused I am fortunate I don’t drive now but up until I stopped I found drivers had a major problem with what lane to be in if there was more than one and if 3 with 3 exits they found it almost impossible to pick the correct line even if they had directions on the road which lane to be in your absolutely spot on you toot them they stop in the middle of the road and get out and it’s them who can’t drive no glad I don’t drive now driving in London was easy fast driving meant almost certainly knew there way slower and keep an eye out as they are known to be inconsistent on their actions. Down here to see a good driver sticks out like a a sore thumb as not many of you left out there.

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