Margate’s ‘Kid of Pop’ to open huge Michael Jackson convention and audition on America’s Got Talent

Otis and his dance moves are in demand

A 10-year-old Margate boy is getting ready to wow audiences in London and America after his super skilful Michael Jackson dance moves were spotted on Instagram and YouTube.

St Gregory’s pupil Otis Phoenix – best known as the Kid of Pop – will be dancing at the Kingvention event – a massive annual celebration of singer Michael Jackson – and has been asked to audition for America’s Got Talent.

Super fans of Michael Jackson at The Shaw Theatre in London will see the youngster perform his moves on Saturday (September 21) when he opens the event.

Also taking part is Grammy-winning and Oscar nominated singer/songwriter Siedah Garrett who co-wrote numbers including I Just Can’t Stop Loving You, Man In The Mirror, Keep The Faith and joined Jackson on his Dangerous world tour.

Vocal Director and singer Darryl Phinnessee, who toured with Michael Jackson as both vocal director and featured vocalist on BAD, Dangerous and HIStory World Tours, will also be on stage as will Senior Vice President of Epic Records Larry Stessel.

Mum Tamara said she got the call asking if Otis could join the event after organisers spotted his Instagram account.

Th Dreamland Trust staff member said: “They got in touch after seeing his instagram, which I run.

“For Otis it isn’t about being a massive fan or getting paid, he is just a kid who loves to dance and loves the music.”

Otis was also scouted for The Voice Kids but Tamara says the format of the show was not right for his dancing skills. Now he will have a chance to show them off in full after the family was invited to fly to Los Angeles next February for his auditions in America’s Got Talent.

Mum-of-three Tamara said: “It is all quite a journey for him but he loves it and we just want him to enjoy what he is doing.”

Otis, who learnt some of his fancy footwork when he was training with Charlton Athletic, has also been performing locally at venues including The Britannia pub and recently took part in street performances with MJFam and campaigners for SOS Bolivia – a campaign trying to raise awareness of the raging fires in the Amazon Forest.

The youngster has been dancing for around two years and locally won two Thanet’s Got Talent competitions. He has had no formal dance training and is self taught through watching “The King of Pop” Michael Jackson’s concerts and performances on YouTube.

He spends hours practicing and perfecting the famous dance moves and routines, with his family and friends as the audience!

His first break came when his music teacher gave him the opportunity to perform in a school summer production in 2016.

Since then he has continued to perform and joined Michael Jackson Tribute performer BEN at the Winter Gardens Margate, in October 2017, dancing in front of an audience of over 700 people.

The youngster has also built up a following on his YouTube channel

Find Otis on YouTube here


  1. I don’t think that’ll go down well on TV. Aside from Wacko’s remaining and dwindling insane diehards, people generally would rather not be reminded of Wacko now, since all the allegations of him molesting children. And a child impersonating him would be quite unconformable. Point the kid in a better direction.

    • The recent “revelations” actually improved his image, mate. You are not the brightest one I see. People who use their brain and don’t take everything at face value made their research after seeing that leaving neverland movie and realised how misunderstood and innocent the man was. So keep dreaming, fella. Mj is unbreakable and the truth is out there for everyone to read. They just need a little input, or common sense.

    • This is for fans not slander! he’s innocent 100% u don’t know the facts so go away do u think anyone’s about listening to ur tripe!

    • Those allegations have been debunked he never molested anyone.
      Check Lies of Leaving Neverland on YouTube
      And if he had been a wacko all those families wouldn’t have wanted to be with him so much in the first place. You know nothing about him

    • That kid knows far more about Michael Jackson than you do. You think you know who he was but in reality you only believe in the lies and innuendo the media served you.

    • dwindling?

      His Spotify followers
      IG followers
      and YouTube subscribers ALL went UP since that propaganda film aired.
      Your hatred blinds you to reality
      Most people were not fooled by that hitpiece and don’t think MJ molested anyone
      Too much evidence of his innocence

  2. Not sure I would want my kids to be jackson fans doesnt sit well with me .. certainly would want them on tele pretending to be him !

    • That’s because you either know nothing about who Jackson really was and have been fooled by the propaganda coming from the media or you just want to hate on him for all the wrong reasons. By all honest accounts Jackson was an exceptionally good soul, too good for this rotten world indeed. That’s what made him a massive target for the crooks and liars who lied about him to make a profit

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