Second report of teenage girl approached by men in a car in Thanet

Emergency services

Police have confirmed officers are investigating a second Thanet incident of a suspicious approach being made to a teenage girl by men in a car.

On August 13 three men, described as Eastern European and driving a  mud brown Citroen, are reported to have tried to drag a 13-year-old girl into their vehicle. It happened just off Cecil Square in Margate at around 3pm.

The girl’s mum, Ramsgate nurse Kirstie McCann, arrived to pick her daughter up and saw the incident. The men drove off after she starting shouting at them.

It has now emerged that a second report has been made, this time of a 16-year-old girl being approached in Birchington just a week later on August 20.

In a warning post the girl’s mother said: “My 16 year old daughter was just on her way home from work, walking along Borrow Road /Park Avenue area and was approached by a brown car with three Eastern European men. The car stopped and one of them approached her. She luckily ran away, phoned me, and was near enough for me to meet her. She’s very shaken. Please be vigilant.”

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Police are investigating following a report that a man tried to make a teenager get in his car. The incident is reported to have happened in Cecil Square, Margate  on Tuesday,August 13.

“Kent Police were also made aware to a report of an incident in Park Avenue, Birchington at 10pm on Tuesday, August 20. It is reported a vehicle pulled up alongside a 16-year-old girl. A man got out of the car and the girl ran away.”

Detective Inspector Richard Palmer of Kent Police said: ‘It is too early to link the two incidents and a full investigation into both reports is ongoing.’

It is understood that officers have identified a car on CCTV footage from the Margate incident.

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    • Marva Rees, of coarse our comments are barbaric, I agree they are also un civilised, they do however offer a constructive deterrent, alas it’ll never be brought back. Do you believe these type of people offer any consideration or compassion to their victims? These types are barbaric and offer nothing to a civilised society, so as a father and husband allow me and others our gut churning rants at these evil, life destroying pests that live amongst us. HANG EM and hang em high I say.

      • If punishment was a deterrent, then the murder rate in the USA (which has capital punishment) wouldn’t be four times as high as the murder rate in the UK (which doesn’t)
        Barbaric punishment is state sanctioned revenge, and has no place in a civilised society.

  1. Er,the police better pull there finger out before a girl actually goes missing,i have two daughters and live right by first incident and now they are too scared to go out….sort it please kp

  2. I think it is about time something more was done about this, that is 4 incidents in Thanet over the last Month, why are the police not acting on this, waiting for someone to be taken to act will be too late, find them , incarcerate them take them off the streets even attempted kidnap is a crime.
    There was a time in Thanet you could be out till dusk without fear of something happening, you could roam the local streets, now with knife crime, gangs and attempted kidnaps, Thanet is no longer a safe place to be and something needs to be done NOW

    • I have absolutely no problems walking round Ramsgate late at night. Nor do many other people, enjoying, as they do, the pubs and restaurants.
      The police can only arrest someone if they have evidence. Then can’t simply bang people up because they’re driving a car of a certain colour.
      Far too often you read of people not contacting the police, because “they never do anything “. Well, here’s a case in point. Every scrap of information is valuable, and will help the police in identifying and catching these men.

    • Couldn’t agree more Annonymas, not just Thanet but country wide, these monsters are being aloud to roam freely, a zero tolerance to start with is what’s needed.

  3. Capital punishment has never been a particularly effective deterrent of crime because although it is still in some countries a legally sanctioned form of public revenge , it doesn’t alleviate or remove the causes of crime.

    • I think we’ve just found the person responsible for recording all the ‘automated responses’

      Marva, you have offered nothing to the subject matter of this report, nothing to condemn the perpetrators or their actions, no comfort or support to any victims, you have chosen to only pick out certain aspects of my reply’s. I sincerely hope any future victim doesn’t find themselves with only you walking by.

  4. What are “all the automated responses”? There is no mention of them in the above article.

    I cannot add anything to this report as I was not a witness to the incident.

      • But what is your “case”? What are these automated responses? And why are you not criticizing Andrew, who in his 10.19 posting says much the same as L have done re barbaric modes of punishment as legalized revenge?

  5. The BBC did an article yesterday about Spain and how crime is sky rocketing due to the fact they have been jailing less criminals. The same is now happening in this country.
    Jail might not rehabilitate criminals but at least it stops them offending.
    Those advocating community punishments and keeping offenders out of jail have obviously never been been a victim of crime and need to live in the real world not their rose tinted one.

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