Two women arrested in connection with man found injured in Ramsgate

Police stock image

Two women have been arrested after an injured man was found in Ramsgate on Saturday (August 17).

Kent Police was called to Belmont Street at 7.25pm  where the man was found with injuries and taken to hospital for treatment.

The area was cordoned off while investigations took place.

Two women were arrested in connection with the incident and were released under investigation while enquiries are ongoing to establish the circumstances of the incident.


  1. Some of the women are worse than the guys when it comes to violence. It is a fact though that sentencing is still lighter when it comes to female violent acts despite so-called equality!

  2. So when my ex decided to attack me and I phoned the police was I doing wrong because of the level of violence I received, strangulation and hitting my face and trying to break my arm…
    More women get attacked then men ..Known fact and I am not condoning women attacking men either.
    Many women stay attached to their man because they think they will change no, violent men and women will always be so!
    For that, I lost my job, my confidence and my world was shattered! He got a caution and his dad told me to reverse it!

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